20 veteran Stampede PAX gathered in the gloom at Lindley Park for this week’s Stampede, which was a reprise of a traditional, but effective workout.  It was not lost on YHC to see some of #Natville’s finest and fastest in the mix today – Footloose, Kay, Refi, Hushpuppy, Cheesy Poof, just to name a few. Race season, BRR training, anyone?  And special TClaps and #Kotters to Copyright, who rejoined the mix today!

After the traditional (and thorough) disclaimer, a run-prep Warm-O-Rama was offered:

  • SSH X 15 (IC)
  • IW X 15 (IC)
  • Don Quixote (Wind Mills for the non-lexicon saavy) X 10 (IC) – done slow to wake up the Hamstrings
  • Toy Soldiers X 15 (IC) – emphasis on toe to opposite hand to get a better range of motion

Mosey through the Arboretum to the corner of  Walker Ave and Ashland Dr. to start…

The Thang:

Run out Walker Ave toward Aycock St. for 10 minutes at 70-75% effort. At the bell (or shout), turn back and retrace back to Ashland Dr. at 80%+ effort, making the effort to catch the runners in front of you, Fox & Hound style.

Once the Sugar Rays made it back to Ashland, we all circled back to pick up the six.  We finished as together as possible.

A simple workout? Yes!  But a tempo run on a hilly street like Walker builds strength and stamina.

After a 10 count by Phoenix, and with a little time left on the clock, we moseyed (recovery style) down Ashland Dr. to Arden Place at Starmount Presbyterian Church for a little hill work. At the intersection, directions were simple: Run up the hill, past the streetlight at 100% effort – leaving nothing in the tank!

Recover down the hill and return through the Arboretum to the basketball court. Note: the owls were watching and made their presence known!

Mary (not quite time enough for 6 minutes)

  • LBC X 20 (IC)
  • Dying Cockroach X 15 (IC)
  • American Hammer X 15 (IC)

Run Stats varied based on how far each individual made it out Walker Ave.  Distances ranged between 3.5 miles to 4.2 miles. Great effort by all today!

Naked Man Moleskin

  • Superb effort today by all!  YHC came in dragging from a late night but the strong PAX showing and energy were a great pick-me-up. Thanks for that!
  • Rumor has it that Footloose lapped the entire field today. Dude, even in fast company, you are super fast! Great work today!
  • Kay, who is always cold, confirmed that this was a good workout when he exclaimed, “I’m sweating today – it takes a lot to make me sweat!” Mission accomplished!
  • Luckily for Kay, there is strength in numbers as the two owls hooting near the Arden Pl/Ashland Dr. entrance to the Arboretum had their eyes on some lean meat! It would have been terrible to witness a live episode of “When Animals Attack!”
  • Welcome back (Kotters) to Copyright, who drug himself off the tennis court to return to the gloom today.  When YHC asked when he last posted, Copyright replied “I couldn’t tell you.” Great to have you back and hope to see you on a regular basis!


Stinky Cheese took us out


  • Arise workout on Tuesday off to a good start.  Amphibious reports that the service part/breakfast for the homeless will likely restart next week.  So show up and be ready to set up tables post workout. A great opportunity to help with a very worthy cause! Grace UMC
  • F3 Gear Order portal continues to be open and will be through April 28. Do not be late or you will have to wait until the next order. Remember $75 for free shipping and we need a minimum of 12 screens for each color for the order to process. Get on it! http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/nc-greensboro/products/f3-greensboro-pre-order
  • Roanoke F3 launches Saturday. Cheesy Poof hosting pre-workout 2nd F at his Smith Mountain Lake home Friday night before Roanoke Launch. Cheesy Poof, Stinky Cheese & YHC confirmed. Bed Bug is a maybe.  Would love others to join as well.  TClaps to CHiPs for doing a great job as Plant Q! Hushpuppy, Nancy and others to Q on 5/14.
  • D-Up in High Point. Workout being led by Hushpuppy and KVegas. Let Kay know if you are coming:
  • 23-25 PAX members to post Saturday for the Battle Frog in Charlotte.  That will more than fill Wilson’s short bus!  Have fun and send pictures.
  • For more group run training, join Sole Crusher on Sunday. launch 0630 behind Tex & Shirley’s. Choose your own distance and pace!








PAX: Phoenix, Bodett, Sir Charles, Cavity, Cheesy Poof, Calculus, Copyright (War Daddy), CJ, Kay (War Baby), Tebow, Magic, Tweezers, Wilma, Amphibious, Footloose, Haz Mat, Stinky Cheese, Refi, Leverage

QIC: Wojo