On the first morning with temperatures above 60 degrees in the gloom, YHC made the 20 minute trip out to Oak Ridge #notCanada for the Q at Cadet Lab. A gathering of both Natville & K-ville PAX welcomed 2 FNGs into the fellowship of F3. After the usual disclaimer it went a lil something like this…

Warm – O – Rama

Mosey between fields to bathhouse.

SSH x 20 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Chinooks x 15 IC bothways.

String Rippers (aka-Cotton Pickers for you Kville folk) x 20 IC

Mosey back to parking lot

Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC s-l-o-w c-o-u-n-t


Run parking lot at faster than jog pace. At each corner stop and do the following called exercise (1 per corner down the list):

Imperial Wallers x 20 IC

Sun gods forward x 20 IC

Sun gods backward x 20 IC

Wojo Squats x 20

Merkins x 25 OYO

Russian Twists x 20 IC

Merkins x 25 OYO

Ukrainian Twists x 20 IC

Merkins x 25 OYO

American Hammers x 20 IC

Merkins x 25 OYO

*at this point Q gave in to constant #mumblechatter for a bear crawl to the next corner. #thanksTPS

American Hammers (YHC does not remember the creative name the PAX tried to call the same exercise) x 20 IC

Jump Lunges x 20 OYO

V-Ups – 10 OYO

Jump Lunges x 20 OYO

V-ups x 20 OYO

Since each time YHC has posted at Cadet Lab they played did some exercise to music, we competed some Rocky Balboas on the curb.


LBC x 20 IC

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC


  • #Superwatch showed about 2 miles covered for those wondering.
  • Welcome to Mis-fire & Mayflower good to have you out. T-Claps! Mayflower is coming off knee surgery and just getting back to fitness.
  • Phone somewhat failed. #willdobetternexttime
  • Family workout (M’s and 2.0’s) on April 30th at the Greensboro Rainbow Dash WO
  • May 21st – K-Ville is leading children’s workouts in High Point. They need more volunteers to step up to help.
  • Roanoke launch this Saturday. Find a clown car the next few weeks and support this #plant.



PAX: Heisenburg, TPS, Special Ed, Matlock, Kay, Polo, FNG- Mis-fire (Scott Rumple), FNG- Mayflower (Quentin Coker), 4 others that could not be

QIC: Bodett