A beautiful, clear 58 degree morning in the Gloom greeted 10 Natville PAX, Money Ball from the CLT area and YHC. As the PAX gathered, Q noticed the Local Honey SF never showed up. Shame on YHC for assuming it would be in attendance.  Lesson learned; not to happen again. Lack of SF and YHC’s first attempt at workout without weinke or props made for an uneasy start!
No FNG’s in attendance so Q decided the welcome, statement of F3 mission and disclaimer would best be delivered in responsive format during short Capri lap allowing a couple PAX arriving hot to catch up.
Finish brief mosey at Commerce Place and Friendly for….
SSH IC x 20
Sun gods IC x 15 ea direction done sobriety style (keep your balance!)
Windmills IC (Snookie Style) x 20ish
IW IC x 20
Copperhead squats IC x 15
Slow Indian Run to Center City Park grassy nole:
Thang Part Uno
Planking Clock Merkins: PAX drop to plank position, pretending the body is the hour hand of clock. Q calls out the time (ex. 7 o’clock).  Pivoting on toes, maintain plank position and walk on hands rotating upper body to “7 o’clock”, perform 7 merkins and rotate back to 12.  After each hour is called out, rotate to hour, perform the number of merkins as time called, then return to 12 o’clock. Memory fails, but Q called out many different times to hopefully allow for appropriate core burn.
Quick Omaha from mental weinke to take advantage of benches and block objects in park for:
Dips x 25
Step ups x 25 each leg
Return to grass for some kid-like fun with Zombies & Survivors. Much like the ‘ole Sharks & Minnows game, two PAX start in the middle of the playing field, while remainder line up on one end, trying to cross without being tagged.
Acknowledging the #mumblechatter about the lack of a swimming pool, YHC instructed PAX the two “Survivors” in the middle would start the game by doing 5 burpees.  The rest of the PAX, ie. Zombies, lunge walked towards the Survivors across the field.  When the Survivors were finished with their 5 burpees, the Zombies were released to run to the other side of the field. Survivors tag Zombies “freeing” them to join in the burpee fun until all Zombies are saved from their lunge walking demise.
T-claps to Quicken for in-volunteering to join Q as Survivor and kick off the fun.  Did anyone see that flash across the grass?  Who knew Crab Legs could Zombie walk at the speed of sound!  Must be the plaid pajama pants he decided were the perfect #workoutcardigan for Local Honey in the Gloom.  I believe it took six rounds to free the masses.  T-claps Quicken – that’s 30 burpees for us!
Once all were “saved” from the lunge walk fun, we moseyed to Bellemeade parking deck third level. To mix it up a bit, we jogged up first ramp, backward jogged up the second ramp and karaoked up the third.
Thang Part Deux
Bear Parking
Starting at one end of the short side of the deck, bear crawl over the parking spaces, stopping after each third space to perform one of the following in succession:
Crucible merkins x 10
Plank jacks x 20
Air squats x 30
LBC’s x 40
Jog back to starting point and repeato. Mix in crab walk with bear crawls continuing with same four exercises every three spaces.
Time called to jog down to Bellemeade for return to the SF area.
Zombie Run back to SF area.  Much like an Indian Run, PAX line up and lunge walk while 6 runs to front to take the lead.
Returning to the SF area, YHC just didn’t feel right finishing 6MOM & COT without SF.  The Roanoke Launch Shovel Flag, fresh and clean was in Q’s car for upcoming weekend. Hesitating at the thought of using before Roanoke, Q decided it was better with a SF than without. Retrieved from Q’s car, firmly planted and appreciated by all.
No time for Planking Bear Crawl Circle – next time!
Crunch Frog x 25
Superman/Banana – #mumblechatter about Q favorite. Guess you stick with what you can do especially when in the presence of so many Sugar Rays.
Side crunches x 20 each side #sayknowtolovehandles
Temporary A/O on Tuesdays in preparation for BRR.  Hushpuppy on Q?  Good run.
Roanoke Launch this Saturday, 4/23.  Send EH’s to roanoke@f3nation.com.  Pray for big launch in new location.

3rd F Opportunities abound.  Join in with any and enjoy.

Jordache and Hermie with Uptown Funk Q coming up.
Great group of PAX.  Thanks for joining in the fun Money Ball; come back anytime.  This was a top notch #Natville group of PAX, so I hope the medley of exercises made the fartsack denial worth the effort.
No takers so YHC took us out with heart full of gratitude to Sky Q for F3, opportunity to work alongside these fine PAX members this AM and for the day ahead.
Chips out!

PAX: Hermie, Quicken, Jordache, Money Ball (CLT), Mayor, Boy Wonder, Secretary, Wide Left, Lynda, Dr. Phil, Crab Legs, YHC

QIC: Chips