Ten PAX including YHC posted to a “turrible 10” beatdown not far from the VA border. Was it a coincidence that 10 pax posted? YHC thinks not. Onwards…


Mosey to elementary school parking lot:

HAPPYJACKS: SSH 10 IC 5 squat jumps Repeat 3 times

Peter Parker 10 IC

Hammy Scoops 16 IC

Merkins 10 IC

Sun Gods:    10 IC forward-balance on right leg

10 IC backward-balance on left leg

Moroccan Night Club 10 IC


SPRINT CIRCUIT: 10 50 yard sprints, ten count, then an exercise 10 IC called by the PAX:

1) Sprint-Crab cakes 10 IC

2) Sprint-Imperial walkers 10 IC

3) Sprint-Hillbillies 10 IC

4) Sprint-LBC 10 IC

5) Sprint-Drydocks 10 IC

6) Sprint-Double Wide Merkins 10 IC

7) Sprint-Dying Cockroach 10 IC

8) Sprint-Prisoner Squats 10 IC

9) Sprint-French Fries 10 IC

10)-Sprint-Crab Cakes 10 IC

Short mosey to the bleachers by the track

MERKIN/DIP CIRCUIT: 10 sets of 10 merkins and 10 dips:

Partner up

Flapjack between merkins and dips so each PAX did 100 merkins and 100 dips each

Merkins rotated as Regular, incline, decline, regular, incline, decline, Regular, incline, decline, regular

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for:


10 sets of 10 Hammers single count around the horn. A 20 lb. slamball was passed around the PAX. The PAX using the slamball called the 10 count. As Gunny said, this is the real deal. The PAX did 100 hammers. Nice!


-Great to see PAX from Kville posting this morning; Great job Cheesehead and Spurrier!

-Ran a mini Q school during the sprint circuits; the PAX did a great job

-Udders has proclaimed this day as “an advil kind of day”. YHC will take it as a compliment.

-Xerox was especially thrilled to see the slamball make an appearance. Xerox looked less grumpy than usual during the Mary. #respect


-SAVE THE DATE #CSAUP: TPS is putting in a SpartanRace team for the Wintergreen Spartan Sprint September 25.

-TOMMY BOY and WAIT TIME have the Q at Lunatic Fringe tomorrow. This is Wait Time’s last Q before he omahas to Omaha. Let’s send him off right.

COT: Udders took us out.  Thanks Udders!

Great work by all today!




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