33 PAX post at Natty’s Hump for a circuit Beatdown. YHC tried to introduce a few new exercises and modify a few classics.

After a brief intro due to no FNG’s, we started with a mosey to the speed bump lot to warm up.



Imperial Walker


Hill Billy

Plank with opposite leg/arm raised


Sun Gods

Runners Stretch

!!!!Cue Yoga police!!!!

Note to self…never say “downward dog” again…

Our runners split at this point.

Warm-up was followed by a mosey to the middle of the parking lot to circle up and kill a circuit.

The Thang:

30 sec exercise, 10 sec rest

Complete 6 exercises then run around the islands.

Imperial squatter

Ab chopper

X – Merkin

Wojo squats (apparently modified, but Wojo approved)

Chilcutt dips (mumble chatter went south at this point) EARMUFFS!!! ‘nuff said

Intro to burpee rolls (drop to ground, roll to the right, do 8 mountain climbers, hop up to complete first burpee. Repeat while alternating roll to left and right)

Dips with alternating leg raises

Mountain climbers

Short mosey back to shovel flag for Mary


4-count leg lifts


Dirty Dogs

WWII Crabcakes

Plank jack can can’s

Special requests made by Bedbug and Snookie for some LBC’s and ‘Merican Hammuhs

COT: YHC took us out


This Saturday we’re launching Roanoke. Get in touch with Wojo to head out the night before (Friday), stay at Stinky Cheese’s Smith Mtn. Lake house, then post at the Roanoke AO Saturday morning.

April 23, 9 am at City Center Park, Jitterbug has a team participating in the GSO Pregnancy Center Walk For Life. Funds will go toward a mobile ultrasound machine. Contact him if you want to learn more.

We had 2 War Daddy’s in our PAX today…Snookie and Heizenberg. #TClaps for showing us how it’s done.

Saturday, April 30, Gilligan and Wicked are leading the first ever family friendly workout for our M’s and 2.0’s. There will not be a Ruckus workout that day.

PAX: Wojo, Hazmat, Jlove, Rooster, Hush Puppy, Bartman, Double Check, Ozone, Jitter Bug, Wicked, Stage Fright, Long Time, Bodette, Bed Bug, Heizenberg, Cold Call, Scooby Doo, Xerox, Stella, Norwood, Wait Time, Snookie, Bundle, Spam, Hoser, Romo, Twinkie, Yetti, Matlock, Pinkman, Stinky Cheese, Fromage, and Nomad.

QIC: Nomad