Solid crew of 18 out this morning at the Crater to work off the stress that can come on tax day.

No FNG’s…so after a quick welcome, we started with a mosey to the base of the first hill.

Warm up:


Imperial Walkers

Butt Kickers

Introduction to Climber Rolls – Start a burpee, when you drop to your belly, roll to the right, do 8 mountain climbers, then complete the burpee by popping up and ending with a jump, that’s one. Repeat another 9 times, alternating rolls to left and right. Sorry if this explanation makes no sense…the demonstration didn’t seem to help much either.

Sun Gods


Runners Stretch

The Thang:

Circuit of 9 exercises followed by a run. 45 sec exercise followed by a 15 sec rest.

1. SSH

2. X Merkin

3. Imperial squatters

4. Ab chopper

5. Mountain Climber

6. Dips with alternating legs raised

7. Wojo Squats

8. Chilcutt dips

9. The highest step-ups known to man. I clearly misjudged the actual height of the rail.

10. Run to the top of the library hill and back down to do the circuit all over again.


Mosey back up to our warm-up location to complete a very disjointed Mary. My bad.

PAX created 4 even lines and completed the following exercises while alternating a trip down the lane around a cone using the Herniated Disks (I’ll never include them at the end of a workout again)

Box Cutter


Shoulder Touches

Windshield Wipers


Cavity gave us a positive update on Michael Casey (Shank’s) 1 year old daughter. She had a great week of recovery after open-heart surgery and was sent home from the hospital Friday.

Let’s pray for Snookie’s job interview the morning of 4/19. Positive thoughts and confident prayers going out Snookie. You got this.

Daphne took us out. May we always be thankful for the healthy bodies we have been given and use them to make an impact on those that we come into contact with each day.

With a grateful heart…Nomad out.

PAX: Nomad

QIC: 04/18/2016