Numbers were conspicuously down across Natville this morning.  What was the reason?  Could it have been the fear of a third Everest led Q this week? Maybe. Could it have been that several PAX were in the hangoversack after attending Fannie’s Boil N’ Bru? Possibly.  Could it have been the blustery weather that presented a 30 deg start? No way.  Nevertheless, the 18 PAX that posted this morning were in for a fun filled relay race beatdown.  The PAX were excited, practically giddy, to get started.  The mumblechatter was so loud during the warmup that pax didn’t even count the Snookies.  It’s a good thing YHC is a very patient man…


Mosey to the graveyard lot

SSH x 25 IC


IW 25 IC

WERKINS 10 IC  (yes, werkin is a thing in the lexicon…)

HB 25 IC


SNOOKIES (really slow windmills so you can stretch yo ass) 10 IC  Mumblechatter reached an unacceptable level here.  Nancy would have been freaking out…


MOROCCAN NIGHT CLUBS 10 IC with special beatboxing provided by Butt Fumble

SCORPION DRYDOCKS 5 IC right leg up 5 IC left leg up

Mosey to the Ball field for


Partner up in three teams of six.  The teams were named Team Wicked, Team Daphne and Team Stage Fright —If your team wins—You call out the pain on the PAX.



each person does each a rotation- non runner does squats

1) Bear Crawl 25 yds up and back

2) Crab Walk up and back

3) Frog Leaps up and back

Team Daphne brought it home but not after a strong push from Team Wicked.

Team Daphne called shoulder tap merkins




PAX runs 50 yds to a brick pile and the PAX moves six bricks from one end to the other when you grab a brick, do a jack webb.  Non runners do SSH

Somehow, Team Daphne ended up with seven bricks on this one.  YHC thinks Team Stage Fright had Heisenberg plant the seventh brick before the race started….

Anyways, Team Wicked won this relay and Wicked attempted to call Monkey Humper Burpees.  The PAX immediatley vetoed this move.  Some poor PAX was going to take a face plant trying it.  So Wicked modified to 20 Monkey Humpers.



Wheel barrow 25 yards, partners switch and 25 back.-non runners SSH

Team Wicked won again and called more daggum monkey humpers…



This came from YHC’s demented imagination.  A Rick Roll: somersault into a frog leap.  This is NOT RECOMMENDED for PAX over the age of 12.  After 25 yds up and back you are dizzy as heck.  Pax modified to a Lt. Dan.  Non-runners do Imperial Walkers

Team Daphne won by a hair and called 15 Merkins IC



Each person carries an egg with a spoon for a 50yd run up and back-Non runners do prisoner get ups.  Yes, you have to carry the spoon by the handle… and have one arm behind your back.  Non-runners do Prisoner Get Ups.

If egg drops-5 burpees  No one dropped the egg.  Go figure.

Team Stage Fright called 25 Plank Jacks for the pain.



Everyone sprints 50 yds up and back non runners do Al Gore


RING OF FIRE 3 times around French fries/Leg Lifts 15 IC at the end of rounds one and two.


-Bed Bug is an American Ninja Warrior. Period.

-We are not doing Monkey Humper Burpees.  Period.

-We named an FNG-Hit Man before we found out anything about him.  Turns out he is a Pastor with his own radio station.   Perfect.

-Mumblechatter was at an all time high today.  We had a blast acting like immature grade school children in the name of fitness. #unrulybunch


-Wait Time is Omahaing to Omaha on 4/26.  We will be sending him off with an inspired Murph this Thursday and a HDHH at GIBBS 100 brewery next Wednesday, 4/20

-Lunch with Virus is on for Wednesday. Meet at Elizabeth’s Pizza or at his house at 5035 Torwood Court, Greensboro, NC 27409.

-NEW AO lauching 4/16  6:30 am at Kernodle Middle School.  TPS is the site Q.

-Roanoke Launch is fast approaching. 4/23  Need PAX to step up and make the trip.

-Battle Frog on 4/23. Come on!

-Hushpuppy Carnivale at Hushpuppy’s compound 4/16.  Snookie will be in the dunking booth with jeans on.

COT:  Wicked took us out.  Thanks Brother!

As FNG Hit Man said, meeting new christian brothers is the Kingdom.  Let’s get an FNG out here and spread the word.  AYE!



PAX: Matlock

QIC: 04/09/2016