SITE Q wanted us to EXPLORE AO-All we found was Pain

Warm O Rama

Mosey to  a Nice Dirt Patch next to Fields


Windmills X 25 IC ( I hope I did better This Time)

Imperial Walkers X 25 IC

Peter Parkers X 20 IC

SunGOds 15 each way IC

Mosey to Field For the first Part of THANG

Formed a Straight Line Facing School

Merkin Crossovers X 4  From One Light to the other

Shuttle Run-From one Light to the Other X 10 At each Light 4 Jump Squats

Plank for the SIx

Mosey to  Front of School the Second Part of Thang

Where we did A few new Exercises

First Station

20 X Donkey Kicks

20 X Imperial squat walkers with Flying Squirrel

Run Lap around Parking Lot

Second Station-Picnic Area

20 X step ups each Leg

20 X Trunk Jumps

Run lap around Parking Lot

Station 3

20 X Dips with Hip Raises

20 X Derkins

Run a lap around Parking Lot

Meet in the Grass where we did a Jack Webb Ladder

1 Merkin for 4 air Presses wen to 5 Merkins and 20 Air Presses then back down

Mosey to Shuttle Flag for Some Mary-this is where I lost a Few

Sit Up Flips X 20- May have been too much movement to early in the AM

Spider Crawls X 20 -Plank Position Meet opposite hand with opposite toe

LBCs X 25

Freddy Mercury X 25

X and O’s X 20

American Hammer X 25


New Q Starting 4/16/2016 at 6:30 to 7:30 AM at Kernodle Middle school lead by TPS

Spring Fling at HUSH PUPPIES house 4/16/2016 starts at 11:00AM goes til 5:00PM-rumor has it WICKED will be in dunking booth. Right after SNOOKIE.

HUSH PUPPY took us Out


PAX: avatar_box

QIC: minimal