A pax of 2 gathered at the freshly painted Northern Ruckus flag (T Claps Matlock, looks great) and discussed how nice a two man ruck was going to be and the fact that we would not be carrying any timbers this day. We throw the rucks on and head straight the trail head.

Ruck down to the marina at a good clip and go all the way down to the blacktop at the ramp area for –

Warm up (w rucks off)


Sun Gods IC 15 forward, 15 seagulls, 15 backward

Windmills- ultra slow Snookie stretch Cadence X 10

Monkey Humpers IC X 15

Pax is sufficiently stretched out and ready for some 4 corners with rucks back on !


4 cones appeared from the ruck and were set up in a rectangle formation. We lunge the long stretches of the rectangle and bear crawl the short ones.

At each corner we had the following-

Merkins X 20

Air Squats X 35

Peter Parkers X 20

Low Slow Flutters X 20

Rinse and Repeat the 4 Corners X 3

over to the benches for 25 dips and back on the trail.

We ruck approx. 12 min away from the Marina and find a waterfront view to do 25 overhead presses with the ruck.

Ruck back up to the the Flag at Jesse W for a brief


Plank hold w Ruck

approx. 2 minutes with pax alternating a 30 count X 4 total

Announcements/ Moleskin

  • Hush Puppy’s Family Day party coming up Apr 16th. Going to be awesome
  • Drizzle on the Q at Northern Ruck next Saturday. Come on out if you have never done it. Lots of fun, beautiful scenery and a variety for your workout.
  • It was great getting to know Drizzle better and it was a really an awesome morning.

An honor and blessing as always to be able to lead.







PAX: Gilligan

QIC: 04/09/16