This morning in the gloom, it was a balmy 32 degrees at Slammin’ Sammys.  Not exactly spring weather….27 bears awoke from hibernation and decided to make their way around the AO.  25 veteran Natville Pax, Splinter from Summerville, SC, and 1 FNG to be exact.  After a welcome to the Pax, disclaimer, and mission statement of #F3, YHC let the beatdown begin.  It went something like this:


Warm A Rama:

Slaughter start 10 Burpees OYO


Monkey Humpers 30 IC……#crowdpleaser

Hillbillies 25 IC


The Thang:

Mosey around AO to bear crawl hill/the horrible hill/Everest/insert name here.

20 Copperhead Squats to be performed once.

Bear Crawl up hill 8 times.

8 Merkins at top, sprint back down. Bear Crawl back up.

When finished, Pax mosey to shelter. YHC became the #Six by default, to explain to other Pax what all the #mumblechatter was about at the base of the hill.  Upon finishing the bear crawls with a side of merkins, Pax made their way to the shelter to become 2 legged bears.



40 Dips single count

20 Step ups each leg

Balls to the wall count to 40.  There was quite a bit of mumblechatter from the Pax regarding this exercise.  #Itsonlybodyweight.  Next time the count might be a full minute.

Upon completion of the arm and shoulder wrecker, Pax made their way to the basketball court.  3 areas of the basketball court await. YHC noticed there were either more or less Sugar Rays than anticipated. #juryisstillout.  There was a shortage of concrete blocks, which led to Pax spillover at next area of the AO at the court.



30 Air Press with Block single count

30 Squats with Block single count

Bear Crawl to End of Basketball Court


Blimps and Abs

Burpees X 5

Lunge X 10 Each Leg

Imperial Walker X 15 IC

Merkin X 20 Single count

Prisoner Get Ups X 12 Each Leg


Bear Crawl to Center of Court



Crunchy Frog X 30

LBC’s X 60

American Hammer X 30


When finished, rinse and repeat back at blocks.



Low Slow Flutter X 30 IC….always a real #crowdpleaser.

LBC’s X 25 IC

Dying Cockroach X 25 IC

American Hammer X 25 IC




Amphibious has started a new workout Tuesdays at Grace Methodist Church downtown. There will be a service aspect after the workout eventually.

Hushpuppy is hosting a spring bash at his house next weekend. Food trucks, bounce houses, etc.  Bring the M and 2.0’s!

3rd F at Harris Teeter after workout today.

HDHH at Tap Room tonight at 6pm, also Potent Potables tonight in Jamestown.



Fannie took us out with an awesome prayer.


Welcome FNG Nate Cole and Summerville F3 Splinter.

Pax, thank you for the opportunity to lead again.  YHC was dealing with serious F3 withdrawal while away at work last week. F3 is needed in South Florida and the Bahamas. Having the chance to administer a #beatdown today was the right prescription for sure.

PAX: Stubing

QIC: 04/06/16