April 6th brought back the lower 30’s but 20 motivated Greensboro PAX brushed off the colder temperatures, got out of their sacks, and came to #getbetter at the Hump.  Hoping to catch a glimpse of JLove for inspiration we headed into the gloom and achieved the following:

Mosey: To the entrance of the park and around to the Cemetary parking lot.

Warm O Rama: Working between the speed bumps –

SSH x 25 then Sprint

Parker Peters x 20 Back Peddle

Mountain Climbers x 20 Right side hop

Peter Parkers x 20 Left side hop

Toy Soldiers x 20 Kareoke

Hill Billy’s x 20 Sprint

Mosey: Short Mosey past F3 Flag to parking lot

The Thang: partner up for 9 Stations of mumblechatter

9 Stations and 100 reps per station collectively.  Partner A does the called exercise while Partner B runs to the other side of the parking lot then comes back to relieve Partner A and picks up the count. Once you get to your 100 reps you move to the next station.  The Q gave the pax a break on the Burpee station !!!!!!

Station 1 Burpees x 65

Station 2 Lunges x 100

Station 3 LBC’s x 100

Station 4 Merkins x 100

Station 5 Squats x 100

Station 6 Freddie Mercury x 100

Station 7 Carolina Dry Dock x 100

Station 8 Clean & Press x 100 (cinder blocks)

Station 9 Crab Cakes x 100

Most of the pax made it through 8 stations and some overachievers made it through all 9…….

Mosey: Back to the F3 Shovel Flag


American Hammer x 20

Low Slow Flutter x 20

15/30/45/90degrees x make it stop Matlock!!!!!!!!!

COT: Butt Fumble

It was an enjoyable morning of fitness and fellowship.  Thank you for the opportunity to be with you Men.  #ironsharpensiron



PAX: Butt Fumble

QIC: 04/06/2016