Awesome way to start out the day!  Nice and windy with a cold front coming in.  Too bad, the parking garage offered protection from cold and wind.

Started off something like this:

The Snookie Stetch with Awwww sigh at the end to signal the exercise was over!  That was awesome

Side Straddle Hop x 25 IC

Diamond Merkins x 10 IC

Peter Parkers x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 30 IC

Matlock requested Hillbilly x 20 iC  (No Butt Fumble Animation, that would have been scary in parking garage)

Rhonda requested Toy Soldier x 20 IC by Butt Fumble

On to the block stations – 3 to 4 at each station with 20 lb landscape block; Shift to next station – sprint between 1 and 2 and 3 and 4; jog between 2-3 and 4-1.

Corner #1

Each Round

(25) Merkins oyo

(25) Situps

(10) Lunges each leg


LBCs Until Next Group Arrives

Corner #2

Jack Webbs x 25 oyo

Straight Arm Raises x 25 oyo

Clean & Press x 30 oyo



Corner #3

Block Bench Press x 25 oyo

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC with Block with Arms Raised overhead

Squats w/block x 30 oyo


Butt Fumble’s Corner #4

Curls x 30 oyo

Tricep Extension x 30 oyo

Curls x 31 oyo

Tricep Extension x 31 oyo


3 MOM – 6 inch crunch x 20 IC, 6 inch crunch with left leg up and then right let up x 12, American Hammer by Snookie x 20 IC

COT by Snookie


New Workout by TPS on Saturday, April 16th at Kernodle Middle School at 3600 Drawbridge Road at 6:30 am to 7:30 am

Hushpuppy’s Event on April 16th – Snookie in dunking booth

Butt Fumble said Thank you for the Faulkner’s mission trip.  Raised $200!  Awesome job!

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 04/05/16