YHC pulled up to Jesse Wharton Elementary at 6:35 ready for his first Ruck Q. Low and behold, there were 8 vehicles already on premise parked and abandoned. YHC took a double take at the clock to make sure he was not tardy. The first thing that came to mind was the Northern Ruckus changed the start time from 7:00 to 6:00….drats. In an adrenaline rush and panic, YHC quickly ran around the AO looking for the PAX (no soul in sight). Heading back to the parking lot, several cars started pulling into the school and relief set in. Moreover, several PAX emerged from the woods ready for their second workout. Unbeknownst to the Q, some guys were there early for extra credit Ruck training. The other set of cars represented a Women’s trail running group. During the rush to find the PAX, it became apparent that YHC locked the keys in the car and left the Ruck pack in the trunk. No worries…..There was a Mid-Size Goodyear tire on the Lacrosse field that served as a impromptu ruck sack.  Here is how the RUCKUS unfolded..



  • SSH X 20
  • Shoulder shrugs OYO
  • Wind Mills X 15
  • Packs On
  • Mosey to Playground area
  • Ranger Merkins X 15
  • Sun Gods X 15 (each direction)
  • Diamond Merkins X 10
  • Flock of Seagulls X 20
  • Dips X 20
  • Pull Ups X 5


Mosey to Lacrosse Field and work the “Four Corners”

  • Start at Corner 1 – Lt Dan’s across field to Corner 2
  • At Corner 2 – Wojo Squats X 20
  • Crab walk to 50 yard line
  • Crunchy Frog X 20
  • Bear Crawl to corner 3
  • At Corner 3 – Low Dolly X 20
  • High Knees Backwards to mid field, Turn around and High Knees forward to Corner 4
  • At Corner 4 – Partner Pull ups X 10 each

Hit the Trail – Rucking

  • Head northwest on Nat Greene Trail – Wharton Spur
  • At the .7 mile mark – massive coupon found (20 foot long fallen tree)
  • Head west along Wild Turkey Trail to marina trail head
  • Carry coupon all the way to the marina shelter near lake –
  • Log curls X 10
  • Log squats X 3
  • Log military press X 10
  • Deposit coupon near lakeshore
  • Fast mosey back to School along Nat Greene Trail
  • American Hammer X 30

COT – J-Love took us out


  • Still dates available to help Virus and his family with meals
  • Need guys to step up and mow the Hicks’ lawn this spring and summer. It is not a big area and will be a huge help to this family in need of a hand. Sign up link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0949a5a62fa64-lawn
  • April 16th – Hushpuppy is having an F3 Spring Bash at his house, with a bounce house, dunking booth. Sign up link is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gso-spring-bash-tickets-24225978554
  • April 16th – Shane’s Sporting Clays- $80 for 100 targets. Gunny will send more information.

Thanks for allowing me to lead. Great job men!


PAX: LYnda

QIC: 04/02/16