YHC was reminded this morning that though time in paradise marinating in coconut oil is important, time with my brothers in the gloom is more important! Glad to be back! So without further delay this is how it went down. The first 3 minutes were spent verbally abusing YHC for said time in paradise. #longestvactaion ever is how one brother described it. Immediately following the deserved harassment of YHC it was now my turn.. We moseyed down to the entrance of Freedom Park for a brief warm up.

20x SSH

20x Merkins

20F/20B SunGods

20 Wind mills

The Thang:

Ten stations spread out across a 1/4 mile loop with following exercises in defending order..

100 Merkins

90 LBCs

80 Sungods

70 Plank Jacks

60 Crunchie Frogs

50 Squats

40 Imperial Walkers

30 Mountain Climbers

20 Burpies

10  Monkey Humpers

The first to finish (Heros) #JLovesdoping was invited to mosey down to the shelter for the following:

20 Dips

20 Derkins

20 LBC

20 Step ups

Hero’s were then challenged to catch the six and finish with them. Several Pax members enjoyed the  shelter of gloom several times!! All finished like Hero’s!!!

Great work men. I’m so honored to call you my brothers!!

A dude named “Daphne”!


The Pax is concerned with JLoves pace and the high probability of PED’s. #drugtestresultsforthcoming

Snookie- Has raised a team for the May 21st Heart walk and welcomes all support in the form of joining the team or financial contributions.

Please all be in prayer for Elsa and his family as he lost his Dad this last week. I know he would love to hear from his brothers during this difficult time.

We were reminded for those of you who feel the need to clear your throat and nasal passage during the workout to kindly dispose of it outside of the workout circle!!! #Gross

Roanoke Launch: April 23 & May 15th Paxs needed!!! See Wojo for details.

Tommy Boy will be opening his home Tue’s 8:30-9:30 PM in April for some special 3rd F time with our brothers. “What you aren’t isn’t interesting’ Please see TB for additional details!





PAX: Daphne

QIC: 3/30/16