14 Pax showed up on a beautiful spring day with perfect conditions to start their day of right this morning – all did an awesome job!  After a very brief introduction to an all veteran crew, it was time to begin, but not before Xerox reminded us that there was a local resident AKA “lady in a van” who habitually “barked” at us for being so loud during warm-a-rama & mary*.  With that intel, we took off on a short mosey to the back of the park & took up refuge in the amphitheater.  The rest of the workout went something like this:


SSH – 25x IC

YHC called time-out #butwehaven’tevenstarted not b/c he forgot what was next, but due the foul odor coming from the landmine that was conveniently laying next to him on the ground.  After borrowing one of the Pax flashlights to properly “mark” and move away form the mess, we promptly resumed…

Sun gods – 15x small and 10x big Forward, unwind with 15x small and 10x big Reverse.

Mountain Climbers – 20x IC

Windmills – 20x IC slow and old man style for a good stretch.

The Thang:

Stay put in warm-a-rama circle and begin a set SUPER 21’s incorporating Squats / Merkins / LBC’s.  Start with one squat, immediately followed by one merkin and one LBC. Next was two squats, two merkins and two LBC’s.  Rinse & repeat until you hit 21, exponentially, the math comes out to 231 Squats, 231 Merkins & 231 LBC’s, almost 700 reps with no break short of a 10 count before the last set.

The Thang part 2 and/or Mary:

* Remembering that we couldn’t return to the parking lot due to the noise pollution the Pax create during mary, we again, stayed put in the same circle where we started #lotsofdeadgrass and broke out into the following:

LSF 25x IC – no rest, immediately transition into

Low Dolly  25x IC – no rest, immediately transition into

Homer to Marge 20x IC – recover

10 Burpees OYO

American Hammer 30x IC!

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for COT where Pumper took us out in a most respectful way!


Starting April 16th there is a new AO at Kernodle Middle School (boot camp) on Saturday mornings at 6:30 – not too early, nor too late, but just right!

Major props to Bambi (Bucks 2.0) for posting two days in a row during spring break!

It was a true honor & pleasure!








PAX: Tea Party, Bunny Ranch, Pumper, Rooster, Marmaduke, TPS, Defib, Bambi, Buck, Xerox, Romo, Long Duck, Stella, JR.