It was another dry morning at the #Fenceline which will always be a plus, and the 5 men who joined YHC punctuated the morning.

Flag planted, F3 acknowledged, we preceded to mosey along the Irving Park sidewalks until:


  • Slow stretching lunges with Sun Gods up an elongated upright plane
  • Mosey, Askips, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Carioca, Lateral Shuffle
  • Line Jumps x 5 IC
    • Forward, Forward/Right Lateral, Forward/RightLateral/Backwards, For/RL,Back/LL
      • Mosey, Carioca, Backpedal to wall
      • Upright Mountain Climber x 5 IC
      • Back Pedal
  • Mosey to Thang


Instructions: Posted “Leg” exercises happened at the bottom of the building and some upper body due to proximity to Fitness Center, Upper Body at the top of the stairs. Pax were provided extra running territory to spread out time and boost heart rate in between sets


  • Partner A
    • 30 second foot displacement on step
  • Partner B
    • 30 second Alternating Step-up on picnic table
  • Switch – no rest- 4 sets

UpperBody – OYO

Instructions: Merkins can be done in sets i.e. 25 merkins, take a lap to lower body. Once each labeled exercise were done cumulatively (50 Merkins) 50 Dips were owed in full before next lap

  • 50 Merkins
    • 50 Dips to completion
  • 50 Diamond Merkins
    • 50 Dips to completion
  • 50 Wide Merkins
    • 50 Dips to completion

Lower Body

  • 50 Wall Balls ( Squat press and chest pass Med Ball on to wall as high as possible)
  • 50 Man Dips (parallel bars) (proximity to fitness center)
  • 200 Back Rows with tubing (proximity to fitness center)
  • 200 SSH
  • 200 squats
  • 100 Ice Skaters
  • 100 Mountain Climbers


  • Partner up
    • Modified Simpson
    • Partner A standing
      • chest press Partner B’s legs to ground
    • Partner B on their 6, head at Partner A’s feet
      • raise legs to Partner B’s chest, prevent them being thrown to ground
    • Switch
  • Rocky Sit-ups – 30 seconds (Full sit-up, violent twist with elbow to each knee)
  • Knees to Chest – 30 seconds
  • alternating knee to chest – 30 seconds
  • 3F
    • Flutter Kicks – 30 seconds
    • Figur8s -30 seconds
    • Freddie Mercuries – 30 seconds

Moleskin – 

  • If a Pax were going to throw the ball underhanded during Wall Balls, it would be wise to wear all black to deceive the Q into thinking his form was proper #nosoftballhere
  • Noted during partner mary – it was better grabbing your partner’s ankles than your own – however a close 2nd would be if partner A fell over #dontpullyourpartnerdown
  • Classic Rock now contains the likes of Sting and Guns ‘n Roses according to FIT Radio #80s
  • Don’t tell the Q you had “Fun” at his workout
  • Q missed a priceless photo op with all of the pax sprawled out on the ground #candid


  • 3rd F with Bird’s Nest will resume Tuesday, April 5th, Chapter 5 in the book of John. Plenty of room for additional pax. EH
  • Spring Bash – April 16 at HushPuppy’s house – follow @F3GSOSpringBash for more info
    • EventBrite setup to make reservations – It is FREE but donations are accepted benefitting the  Foundation
  • Thoughts for new Thursday AO in town – balance out schedules for guys looking for Tues/Thurs/Sat workout routine


  • YHC took us with an appreciative message of His truth and hope

Always a pleasure to lead these men in His name


~ Big Mitt

PAX: Big Mitt

QIC: 03/29/16