6 brave PAX’ donned their 20-25 lb ruck sacks and hit Northern Ruckus with speed and fury in the chilly gloom Saturday. Rucking is about pace, speed and distance.  There are some key elements to help improve your ruck experience:  1) The right size pack (not too small and not too big)  2) Proper weight distribution (don’t want weight moving around on you) 3) Carry it high on your back (The further up toward your shoulders the pack is best) and finally 4) Ruck with your F3 brothers!!  Enough of a  tutorial on rucking…  Here’s how it went down

Warm-O-Rama (with Ruck Sacks): Double time mozy from shovelflag to Lacrosse field behind the school

Monkey Humpers – 20X

Merkins  – 20X

Goblet Squats – 20X

Ruck Extension (Ruck Gods)– Remove pack, fully extend arms and hold for 1 minute

The Thang Part I – 

Started out with a Dell Brown session with full gear on LAX field…

Crab walk to midway point, 10 Diamond Merkins, Bear Crawl to end line 10 Diamond Merkins – Rinse and repeat back to starting point

The Thang Part II 

Hike into the woods on the Natty Greene trail.  1/2 mile in we discovered a coupon in the form of a log.

Carried log all the way down to the lake marina area where we did took time for some old fashioned log drills.  But first, conducted an impromptu Ball of Man giving thanks or the day and wonders of his creation

Overhead Log Shoulder Press – 20x in cadence as group

Bicep Log Curls – 20x in caence as group

Dips x 30

Headed back onto trail with log for our egress mission… When we came out of the first set of trails divided by power/gas lines YHC calls for mini Jacob’s ladder – 10 Burpess at top of hill, 9 at bottom of hill in descending order until finished.

Continued back on trail to Jesse Wharton and hit the pull up bars for max set of pull-ups with packs on #MurphTraining


took us out in prayer.


Great work by all..  Planning a future 2 hour ruck session soon as we increase the training.  Exploring a 6am start, finishing at 8 to get more work in and ruck longer.  Time and date TBD


April 8th, 7-11pm – Shrimp Boil & Brew event put on by Fannie’s Crescent Rotary Club -Tickets still available…   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crescent-rotarys-boil-bru-low-country-boil-local-craft-beer-tickets-21019611223

APRIL 16th Spring Bash at 5500 Old Brandt Trace, Greensboro

My privilege to help lead out there and we’ll need to ratchet it up soon to continue to build on where we are, and prepare our bodies and minds for upcoing Ruck events #GetBetter





PAX: Gunny

QIC: 3/26/16