On a cool March morning 5 pax joined YHC in the wide open spaces of Oak Ridge for workout.  It went down something like this:


Started with a mosey around the ball fields to the concession stand area where we stopped in front of the flag to recite the Pledge of Allegiance (great idea from F3 Gastonia).  Then we walked to the other side of the concession stand to do the following:

SSH X 20 in cadence

Mummy Kicks X 10 in cadence

Windmills X 15 in cadence (Heisenberg favorite)

Cotton Pickers X 15 in cadence (picked this up from F3 Alpharetta)

Sun Gods Sobriety Style X 15 in cadence (Dr. Evil favorite)

Reverse Sun Gods Sobriety Style X 15 in cadence

The Thang

Moseyed to the parking lot and back to the shovel flag where YHC gathered the pax to do our next exercise.  YHC pointed out the first set of cones and instructed the pax to do a Slowjangles Biscuit around the first set of cones without the burpee at the end #realcrowdpleaser

We then lined up across the parking lot for a little sprint work (great idea from F3 Asheville).  YHC instructed the pax to sprint to the 2nd set of cones (approximately 50 yards away) and do 10 merkins.  After finishing YHC instructed the pax to plank until the 6 was in.  After a standing 10 count we then sprinted back across the parking lot to the shovel flag where we completed 10 LBC’s.  After planking until the 6 was in we had another standing 10 count before we started again.  Two more rounds were completed before we moved on (6 total sprints, 6 total standing 10 counts, 30 merkins, 30 LBC’s).

YHC was feeling nostalgic on this cool March morning for basketball practices from the 1980’s so he instructed the pax to partner up for the next exercise.  Partner 1 would run suicides while Partner 2 would do San Antonio Shuffles #anotherrealcrowdpleaser.  The plan was to trade off until each team completed 80 San Antonio Shuffles, but YHC saw that might be a little much and backed it down to 50 #stillhadsomemumblechatter.  After planking until each group finished we took another mosey around the ball fields and back to the shovel flag #whosaysthestampedehascorneredthemarketonrunning?


YHC introduced a new exercise to the pax he just learned:  Apollo Creeds.  Start by sitting on your 6 and extending your legs out and bending your back to the point of discomfort.  Then punch at the opposite leg as you bring it towards your fist.  Apollo Creeds X 10 in cadence.

Johnny Cash/Ring of Fire (10 Merkins per pax)

Song/Ab Time.  Today’s selection was “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry.  Instructions were simple;  for each “gone” sung the pax were instructed to do a plankjack (rumor has it Amphibious loved this when it was done at Inside Voices a couple of weeks ago;  country music fan?).  The song ran 4 minutes, there were a lot of “gone” sung, and everyone’s shoulders, arms, abs, etc. were “gone” by the end of the song!

American Hammer X 20 in cadence (led by Heisenberg)

Great work by the pax today at Cadet Lab.  A lot more running than normal but all pax were up for the challenge and performed well.

COT:  Dr. Evil took us out with prayer

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  1. Clown car meeting at Elizabeth’s Pizza on Battleground Avenue at 11:45 am today to go have lunch with Virus after his major knee surgery.  Contact Matlock for details.
  2. Matlock is also organizing meals for Virus.  Plenty of slots open.  Contact Matlock for details.
  3. Keep Dr. Evil’s daughter in your prayers.  Had surgery last Monday (sternum was pushing up against heart)
  4. Pray for Dr. Evil’s friend Joe.  Joe’s daughter is 29 and has melanoma and will have surgery today.
  5. Keep Elsa’s family in your prayers.  His father passed away last night.

It’s always an honor to lead.  Thank you for the opportunity.



PAX: Udders

QIC: 03/29/16