Awesome work this morning!  Great morning for the parking garage!  Always 55 F in winter/summer with 100% chance of sweat.  Awesome to have FNG – Crab Legs

Great to see the awesome turnout this morning!  Snookie and Bodett made it!  Snookie was talking about sleeping in and then said he was glad that he got up to hang out with everyone!

Missed having Amphibious (LuLu Lemon), Nancy, Wicked, and Rhonda and Bubba Gump out there.  Cadence police might have throw a flag on the super slow windmill (10 second count at bottom, forget # at the top).  Windmill was Snookie approved.

Morning went down something like this:

Started off with slow windmills (10 second hold at bottom) x 5 IC (Nancy would have throw in the flag after 1st round)

Moved to plank for 30 seconds, followed by 6 inches for 30 seconds, table for 30 seconds, on six right over left in figure 4 position and pull knee back to chest for 30 seconds, switch legs, then stand up and stretch lower back – right over left and touch feet with legs straight, switch legs

SSH x 20 IC

Diamond Merkins x 12 IC, Mountain Climber x 20 IC, Double wide Merkin x 12 IC

Move into the Thang:

3 man teams – 1 runs and relieves partner at either end of parking garage – each end has landscaping blocks (20 lbs) for the exercise work.  Do exercise until relieved by running partner.  Switch exercise next time to station.

Station #1

  1. Jack Webb
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Curls
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Bent Row
  6. Kbell Swing
  7. Straight Lifts
  8. Clean and Press
  9. Tricep Extensions
  10. Curls

Rinse and Repeat

Station #2

  1. Smerf Jacks
  2. Squats with Block
  3. Sit Ups with Block
  4. Low Slow Flutter
  5. Jack Webbs
  6. Lunge with Block
  7. Hold Block over head
  8. Bench Press Block
  9. American Hammer
  10. Body Builder

Rinse and Repeat

Made it approximately #8 on each side.  1.5 miles and some of those sprinting to try and keep up with Bodett.

COT by Snookie (especially liked the part about being happy with what we have rather than what we want, Awesome work!)


Matlock has setup visit with Virus today at 11:45 am for some fellowship.  Please contact Matlock for pizza order.

Butt Fumble mentioned fund raiser tomorrow night (3/30) at Gate City Growlers for Falkner.  Should be a great time and way to support a great cause.

New Tuesday AO at Grace Church in downtown Greensboro starts next week.  Please touch base with Amphibious and Nancy for more details.

Sacked mentioned Hushpuppies Event on April 16th for family event (sign up genius).  This is going to be an awesome event with bounce house, valet parking, and Bob Dillian!  Tclaps to Hushpuppy for putting this together!


PAX: Wilson

QIC: 03/29/16