25 men heard that Boone’s Farm took over the Fringe and wanted to come out to kick off Good Friday with some weights and track time.  Butt Fumble did not want to disappoint as Wojo showed up with a pen and a pad to make sure the Leadership was on point.  Making sure to dot every i and cross ever t BF laid down the following in order to represent all Q’s in Natville:

Warm O Rama:

SSH x 25 / 5 Burpees

Lucky 7’s + 2!!!

Sun Gods x 15 then reverse / 5 Burpees

Windmills x 15 / 5 Burpees

The Thang:

Partner up – Partner A stays and does exercise while Partner B runs the track once

Round 1 Shoulder Press / LBC’s

Round 2 Clean & Press / Freddie Mercury

Round 3 Curls / Squats

Round 4 T Bar Merkins / Lunges

Round 5 Table Press / Dying Cockroach

Omaha called between rounds 4 and 5.  Most completed 8-9 trips around the track!!!!! #runforest


Unsure what exactly happened but Wicked brought 3-4 minutes of discomfort and destruction to our core/abs. Some kinda plank walk on elbows 3 steps forward and 3 steps back….Then came the cousin to the dying cockroach which was a 3 count elbow to knee tap.  #feeltheburn

COT: Yeti

Moleskin –

Guy King aka TPS is launching a new AO bootcamp workout on Saturday April 16th.  Kernodle Middle School at 6:30am-7:30am.

April 16th 2nd F event at Hushpuppies home.  Come bring the M’s and 2.0’s for some Spring Family fun with all your F3 brothers.  More details to follow but I heard something about food trucks, inflatables, clowns, face painting, egg toss, high wire acts, elephants, and a petting zoo.  #doitright

April 23rd Roanoke launch – #giveitaway

Hope this Back Draft makes the cut……………………………………………………….. A++


Butt Fumble

PAX: Butt Fumble

QIC: 03/25/2016