You can tell when a 2.0 is going to be a stud when he grows up.  He can do everything the Q throws at him and is not even bothered.  The 2.0 doesn’t even break a sweat and is downright excited about doing Up/Downs after 150 squat humpers.  Such is the case with Rainbow Dash’s  2.0 supreme, Gridiron.  This dude is a 6yr old dynamo and is ready for the #combine already.   Here is what the Rainbow Dash endured:


Mozy to front of school.

25 SSH  IC

Mozy to Back of School

15 SNOOKIES IC  In honor of our fearless respectful leader, Snookie, who has had much to say about the lack of stretching during the warmoramas lately.  So a Snookie is 15 REALLY SLOW Windmills, IC, so slow, you actually touch your shoes and feel your ascot stretch.

Mozy to BBall court

Hammy Scoops in a line up-20 Dorothy Hamils back

Mozy back Soccer Field

15 sungods IC forward/15 IC Backward

15 Moroccan Night clubs IC

15 Chinooks IC

Mozy back to the Wall for:

The Thang

Partner up Dora-Three Stages

Stage 1

1 does 30 Rockette Dips

2 does wall jumps, this wall has a serious drop off, don’t look down, that would be bad

Flap jack

1 does 30 derkins

2 does step ups


Mozy to Soccer field behind the concession stand:

Dora Stage 2

300 Squat humpers per team-partner runs to line and back and switch  Squathumper: Deep squat, go straight into a Monkey humper, 1 Complete

At 100 runner does butt-kickers

At 200 runner does high-knees

Stop at 300.  #crowdpleaser

Dora Stage 3

Mozy to baseball field fenceline on the right

1 runs to the bleachers hits the bleachers and back to field while 2 exercises ARAMP:

T-bar Merkin

Reverse Crunch  then  Plank till the 6 is in.

Up-downs  Fast run in place, drop to the ground and up:   10 on Qs call;

then continue Dora to the bleachers and back:

Mountain Climber Merkins

Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees: aka PCMBs. Drop to Plank, do 1 Merkin then bring your right knee in and back, do 1 Merkin then bring your left knee in and back, do 1 Merkin then bring both feet in and jump up = 1 PCMB complete.

Smurf Jacks: Side straddle hop performed in the squat position

Plank til six in in.

Mozy Back to Shovel Flag for:

Stage 4 Extra Credit:

Triple Check: Teams of three. First man in a six-inch leg raise, second man in front of him in plank, third man sprints 40 yards and back, rinse and repeat times three. This was our MOM since we ran out of time.


Clown Car for a visit to Virus on Tuesday, Meet at Elizabeth’s pizza north battleground at 11:45.  RSVP Matlock for HC.

-Chips needs Pax to post to the Roanoke Launch in April.  DM Chips on Twittah.

-Hushpuppy is having an F3 Fair at his house, with a bounce house, dunking booth and livestock.   I heard Bob Dylan was performing as well.  Sign up link is here:

-Need guys to step up and mow the Hicks’ lawn this spring and summer.  It is not a big area and will be a huge help to this family in need of a hand. Sign up link is here:


-This is a great AO which has lots of stations spread out with lots of room.  We ran 3.2 miles total as a group this morning.

-Tclaps for Wilson who showed YHC his technique in shovel flag construction over coffee after the workout.

COT:  YHC took us out.  Good work men and 2.0s.



PAX: Wilson, Sugar Cake, Viagra, Long Time, Chips, Woody, MVP (Chips’ 2.0), Gridiron (Woody’s 2.0)

QIC: Matlock