10 Mighty members of the Natville Pax joined together in the gloom to build strength and power! We did so in honor of the powerful and brave warriors who defend our right and freedom to do so….here is what we accomplished with those thoughts on our hearts.

2.3 miles of running

100 Pull-ups , 200 Chilcutt Push-ups, 5 minutes of static wall squats, 5 minutes of B2TW’s, 400 plus core reps!

No small feat, one that will certainly build the kind of strength it would require to lift up brothers in need, That is why we do it!

Always a blessing to serve- especially so this week!


Aye – Wicked

Mtn Bike Ride today – Blue Heron out and back around 3:30, meet ot Plainville Rd. Parking lot -🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🎽


PAX: Wicked

QIC: 3/24/2016