20 PAX that clearly overslept and missed #InsideVoices yet wanted to post and get credit on a backblast showed up for a little early Spring Training at Jaycee Park #AroundTheHorn… Below is a retelling:

After a mozy from shovelflag to the end of the parking, lot we circled up to get the body warm and our focus laser like.


SS Hops – 30X

Squatted Chinook’s – 20x each way

Cumberland County Viaducts – 15X Each side

Double Wide Merkins – 20X

Copperhead Squats – 20X

Sun Gods – 20x – No recovery, 20x Reverse

Crab Cakes – 25X

Mozy back to baseball stadium but a detour was imminent and thusly YHC stopped at the infamous love deck for some quality time in by way of Dips, Derkins and Air Squats x 30 each OYO..  Mozy commenced as we entered the baseball stadium and split up into 3 teams of 6ish for the The Thang

The Thang – Speed and Violence Around the Horn

With a backdrop of our Field of Dreams on the baseball diamond, and as the sun had begun to rise Eastward behind a wall of purple and pink cloud cover, each 6.5 man team was instructed to get on a base and execute 3 specific exercises with the AMRAP method (as many reps as possible) while one man was designated to run full speed from the base to the fence.  Each man had to sprint once from base to fence until every man was through and then on to the next exercise. Once every man had sprinted during the course of all 3 different exercises, team advances to next base. Required exercises and bases looked like this

1st Base – Merkins, Goblet Squats and Carolina Dry Docks  (AMRAP until all men sprint from base to fence and back, per exercise)  Teams stay together and move to next base

2nd Base – Turkish Prisoner Get ups, Low Slow Flutters and Jack Webs

3rd Base – Crab Cakes, Burpees and Alternating Shoulder Taps


Mumblechatter began to foment regarding how long it took at each base due to some of the PAX speed to and from fence, or lack thereof.  Turkish prisoner get-ups seemed like a real crowd pleaser as YHC was taking into account the input from the PAX.  #CustomerAlwaysRight.    Ewok and Woodstock (2.0’s) were giving awesome effort and then began doing their own brand of F3 #LittleOmaha’s

Omaha called as most teams made it to at least 2 of the 3 bases.  YHC calls an impromptu Ball of man called at pitcher’s mound for a brief 3rd F to reflect and express thanks to the Q in the sky.

Mozy back to far end of parking lot for Dell Brown’s..    All PAX lined up across parking lot for The Dell Brown race.   Dell Brown – 10 Diamond Merkins, then crab walk to middle of pk lot, 10 Diamond Merkins, then bear crawl to end of lot, 10 Diamond Merkins…………Rinse and repeato same formula to come back to start line.  Much mumblechatter ensuing here, to the extent of DOS asking YHC if this was Spartan training…  AYE!

Mozy back to shovelflag for Mary.


Box Cutters – 20x

LSF’s – 20x

American Hammers – 20x

It was my honor in facilitating such a great group.  Excellent work and welcome Woodstock (Rooster’s 2.0)   Remember to keep EH’ing and defeating Sad Clown Syndrome through all 3 F’s ( each one leades to the next)  #PlantGrowandServe



PAX: Gunny

QIC: 3/19/16