Superman & Batman met the PAX at shovel flag. “We’re Superfriends, but for the next 45 minutes, we’re not your friends”.

PAX were challenged to leave all burdens at shovel flag and be fully present for a “Not-so-Good Friday” beatdown.

After welcoming Peaches, who was visiting from F3Greenville, the PAX moseyed to the Wrangler parking lot for…



Sun Gods


Moroccan Night Clubs

Parker Peters


*some OYO Burpees were tossed in for #GoodMeasure

The THANG (or, “Not-so-Good” Friday):

Mosey to parking garage at corner of N. Elm St and Bellemeade.  Partner Carry Up the Corkscrew parking garage ramp. PAX challenged to literally/figuratively carry and suffer for another man #HeAintHeavy.

At the top of the garage, group divided into three-man teams.  One team member stayed put and ran through an exercise set on the parking deck roof while the other two men ran down the stairs to the park. One man left behind to work through an exercise set while the final man ran back up the Corkscrew to tap out man #1. Rinse & repeat…

Looked something like this:

Station #1 (Top of Parking Deck) – Abs/Legs


Copperhead Squats

Low Dolly

One-Legged Burpies

Box Cutters

Smurf Jacks

Station #2 (Park) – Arms/Shoulders



Plank Jacks

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Crab Cakes

Incline Merkins

Back to the Shovel Flag for…


American Thor (1:4)

*in recognition of the day, we nicknamed this “Judas Priest”


Tommy Boy took us out


-March 30 Happy Hour @ Gate City Growlers to support Faulker’s Mission Trip this summer.

NEW AO: Tuesday’s Grace United Methodist Church (corner of Edgeworth & Friendly) will launch April 5th

Poehler offered a friendly PSA to discharge your lung torpedoes outside the perimeter of the AO

F3 Teams are up and running for the 2016 Heart Walk. Click HERE to pick your favorite AO, take 2 minutes to register and then use twitter/facebook/email to direct traffic to your page for donations. It’ peasy and impacts our community. The Natville PAX could raise over $10,000.

NOTE: Wide Left is on the hunt for Uptown Funk Qs. Contact him on Twitter: @F3WideLeft or

As always, it was an honor and a privilege to lead.

PAX: Wide Left, Tammy, Sully, Phoenix, Cecil, Poehler, Tweezers, Everest, Rhonda, Jordache, Dr. Phil, Amphibious, Marshall, Ms. Daisy, Kicker, Amelia, Graffiti, Xerox, Hackman, Peaches, Ugga, Calculus, Ozone, Faulkner, Hermey, Outhouse, Prophet, Tebow, Lynda, Romo, Gold Digger, Rooster, Bunny Ranch, Elsa, Cummings

QIC: Wait Time & Tommy Boy