Mosey to steps

SSH x 20

Wind-mills x 20

Sun-gods x 20 front then back

Mountain Climbers x 20

LBC’s x 20


Mosey to bleachers for 20 dips OYO.


Mosey to asphalt formerly known as Jamestown Youth League roller hockey rink circa 1996 for a

Wave of Merkins up to five then back down to one to finish getting loose for the upper body workout ahead.

Mosey to Station 1 (upper field) and partner up.



Hub and Spoke style. Pax 1 did station while Pax 2 sprints to hub (benches), did 8 Abyss Merkins then sprinted back to station. Pax 2 does same. Station reps count up for partner total — move on to next station when rep count reached.


Station 1:

Squat x 50 

Werkin x 40 

Prisoner Get-ups x 30

Station 2

Burpee x 40

Turkish Get-ups x 30

Carolina Dry-Dock x 50

Station 3

Surfer Merkin x 30

Lunges x 40

Plank Jack x 100

Once complete, pax ran laps using the three stations as waypoints until all completed all 3 stations. 

With 20 minutes left in the hour-long workout (unpleasant surprise according to mumble chatter heard), pax moseyed back to the library for 11’s — crunchy frogs at the top of the steps and dips at the fountain.

Ended with Mary at the flag.

LBC x 20

Low slow flutter x 30

Freddy Mercury x 20

Cindy Crawford x 30

American Hammer x 20.


Great job to Danika for a great VQ that left the PAX crushed that day, but wanting more Q’s from him in the future.  Great job Men!  Getting Stronger, Getting Better!


PAX: Marshall, Stubing, Amelia, Dreisdale, Golddigger, Chisel, Stacks, Danica

QIC: Danica