It was a beautiful spring morning with a full moon watching over downtown GSO when Everest decided to finally return to Local Honey. Thanks to the great support from the Pax while he has been traveling. With no new comers, a very brief disclaimer and the 16 Pax were off. After a mosey to the corner of Market and Greene streets, we did something like this….


Side straddle hop x 25 IC

Sun gods x 15 IC, and reverse

Chinooks x 15 IC, and reverse

Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

Windmills x 25 IC

Copperhead Squats x 25 IC

The Thang or more warm-o-rama?

While in the parking lot, we did two sets of Tabata with considerable mumble chatter as to the length of the warm-o-rama etc. YHC continued gamely on with my plan…

Tabata 1: alternate between split jumps and squat jumps – crowd pleaser

Tabata 2: alternate between ski abs and monkey squats which were particularly enjoyed by all

The Thang continued:

Then, we moseyed back to Commerce and Friendly area for some more fun. Next up was an ascending curb crawl. Bear crawl between curbs and do an increasing number of derkins on each curb, going up to 10. Then we partnered up and did an abbreviated Dora 1,2,3 with 50 merkins, 100 LBC’s, and 100 squats. One partner ran around the short block and the other did the exercise, flapjack till all reps are done.


A quick mosey back to the flag for a bit of a plank-o-rama. YHC used my handy phone timer to guide us through a 5 minute plank set. A good time was had by all. We finished up with some American Hammers – 25 IC.


Gilligan took us out.


Next Wednesday, March 30, at Gate City Growlers, there will be a fundraiser for Faulkner’s upcoming mission trip. Come out and enjoy a cold one and support him.

Amphibious is starting a new AO on Tuesdays but has been delayed due to some issues at the AO. He will advise shortly on the starting date. This AO will also have a service component as the Pax will help setup to feed the homeless.

PAX: Everest

QIC: 03/23/16