32 pax gathered in the gloom with the pre-blast mumble chatter involving pondering on what type of BLIMPS would we be able to see in the dark, with YHC in charge of making sure the flying billboard would be spotted before the workout was complete.. My apologies to the missing 4 pax that was left off the post as YHC still needs a tutorial on working voice recording functions on the I Phone..Nevertheless thank you for posting and know your presence was added motivation. Here is what went down :


Mosey to the graveyard parking lot beside the church off Pisgah Church Rd and circle up

SSH x 25

5 burpees oyo

Imperial walkers x 20(led by Flapjack)

5 burpees oyo

Crabcakes x 25 (led by Butt fumble)

5 burpees oyo

Merkins x 10

5 burpees oyo

Windmills x 15(led by Scooby doo)

5 burpees oyo

Sun gods x 15 forward

Sun gods x 15 reverse

Mumble Chatter was strong with the dislike for the Burpee and we see a pattern here

2 lines equal size- Indian run to the Gate at the entrance to Country Park


Partner up- size does not matter


Partner 1 – runs beyond the gate into the gloom down to the stop sign while

Partner 2 – Does the exersize

Cumulative count flapjack

100 x Burpees

200 x lundges

200 x Imperial walkers

200 x Merkins

200 x Plank Jacks

200 x squats

After Omaha was called due to time we moseyed back to the Shovel flag.


Wojo led us in LBCs

Butt fumble led some American Hammers

Wait time led the group in the Low Slow Flutter Kick


Announcements :

Stinky Cheese thanked everyone who helped with the day of service for single mom

Tommy Boy reminded Pax about upcoming Heart walk

Matlock had Praise report that Virus surgery was successful and he is recovering at home now

Thanks to Wojo for taking us out.

Its a Honor to lead and thanks for the Opportunity.



PAX: Birds nest , Romo , Stinky cheese , Xerox, Butt Fumble, Wojo, Rooster , Pohler , Tommy Boy, Matlock, Yeti ,Lynda ,Stage Fright, Hazemat ,ScoobyDoo, Wait Time, Beeker ,Bed Bug, Snookie, Big Mit ,Al Dula, Longtime ,Bodett , Norwood ,Flapjack ,Nomad, (FNG) Long Duk

QIC: Hootie