Great way to get the day started!  22 Pax come on out for light shoulder work.  Another Easy Day at Shakeweight.  Missed having Snookie out there!

Quote of the day –  Is that Lulu Lemon?  Sorry can’t hear you over that sweet ass music (Kenny Rogers)!  Amphibious

Fun stuff!

Started off something like this:

Started off with plank, table, 6 inches, cobra, crunch then rolled in Mosey

From the Pax – let’s turn left (staggered Po Po cars on the right).  Good choice!  Q headed left and rounded back to other end of the parking deck.

Balls to the wall. 30 second hold x 2.

Back to circle for weights and count of by 4s.  4 teams headed out to work area.  There was a merkin ladder for the those who got the same card twice.  Think only team #4 was privileged enough to get this twice.

The Thang:

Deck(s) of Death Cards – Divided up into 4 squads of 5/6 – 22 PAX, respectively for a little small unit leadership and cohesion

(4) Decks of cards distributed to 4 squads

Designated man draw cards at random and follow commands below with correlating exercises, doing so expeditiously and with enthusiasm:  Man that draws the cards also counts the cadence for the exercise.  Pass the draw to each man in the team.  Enjoy!

 Clubs – Curls x Number on card

 Spades – Tricep Extentions x Number on card

 Hearts – Bent Row x Number on card

 Diamonds – Clean and Press x number on card


 Face Cards (Same exercise every time)

Aces – 10 Tbar Merkins (single count)

Kings – Table Bench Press x 20 each arm

Queens – Jack Webb w/weights x 20

Jacks – Squat Curl x 20

Went thru that until 6:10 for 5 minutes of Mary.

20 situps WW2 oyo, 6 inches with thrusters x 20 single count, one leg up, other leg 6″ x 12 thrusters, swap legs x 12, A-Z Matlock style

COT by Amphibious (Awesome job)


Virus has second knee surgery today and thoughts are prayers are welcomed.  Their is a meal sign up available.  Butt Fumble is going to send out email today.

Amphibious to let us know about new Tuesday workout that is still getting details worked out.

Birds Nest 3rd F directly after workout on book of John.

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 03/22/16