25 PAX gathered in the gloom for what turned out to be a morning of confusion and Omaha’s. YHC woke up questioning his overall plan and decided to Omaha a few things at 5am.  Running late and already behind schedule, the PAX were gathering and YHC was still trying to set up.  #getbetter.  Out of time, YHC still questioning the overall plan but had to roll with what he had. At 05:30 a short welcome and disclaimer was given.  A fore warning of YHC not being a professional was quickly recognized by the PAX and was verified as the morning went on.  And so we began.

As I recall it went something like this-



Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Sun Gods 15 IC

Chinooks 15 IC

Sun Gods 15 IC

Plank Jacks 20 IC

Thang Part 1

After vague instructions were given and a little confusion, we began the thang part 1-

Two stations were set up on lower field Approximately 100 yards apart with each station consisting of the following 4 exercises-

Carolina Dry Docks-

Prisoner Get Ups-

Diamond Merkins-


PAX were to start at station 1, and perform 5 Reps of each of the 4 exercise before running to station 2. At station 2, PAX were to complete 5 Reps of each of the same exercises before returning back to station 1.  Once back at station 1, increase reps by 5 and complete 10 reps of the same 4 exercises exercise.  Repeat sequence increasing by 5 after each round up to 15, then working your way back down to 5.  5-5-10-10-15-15-10-10-5-5.  After a slow start, the PAX got the hang of the sequence and powered through with great effort before heading to the Thang Part 2.

Thang Part 2

With larger PAX numbers than expected, YHC had to Omaha Part 2 and needed to make a few quick adjustments. Profit stepped in to lead PAX on an Indian run to the back field where YHC was still making the necessary adjustments to part 2.  PAX circled up and got into 4 separate groups.  Each group was to choose a station and were to perform exercise listed at station until rotate was called.

Stations were as follows-

Station 1 – Wall Balls

Station 2 – Burpees

Station 3 – Lunges

Station 4 – Imperial Walkers

Station 5 – Merkins

Station 6 – Plank Jacks

Station 7 – Squats

After One Full Cycle through all stations, Obama was called with a short mosey back to shovel flag for Mary.


LBC’s – 25 IC

BOX Cutters – 15 IC

Cindy Crawford’s – 16 Left Side, 16 Right Side, IC

American Hammer – 20 IC

Welcome –

George Carter – Little League

David Lehmann – Lava

Jeff Sellers – Prius

Announcements –

3rd F right after Monday Workout – Life Community Church – Rubble site Q – Showers available for use inside church if heading to work directly from 3rd F.

J-town beat down moved to Saturday 06:00 to 07:00.

Wednesday’s Lindley Park 05:30 for all that are interested in a midweek beat down.

Go to http://f3nation.com/schedules/greensboro-nc/ for complete schedule of workouts throughout the week.  Workouts are growing with options available every day of the week.


Danika took us out – Nice work brother!

All PAX put forth a great effort and did a great job dealing with YHC’s failure to put together a simple solid plan this am. Next one promises to be a better organized beat down with fail proof instructions.


Gold Digger

PAX: Amelia, Danika, Buck, Elroy, Profit, Explosion, Marshall, Miss Daisy, Drysdale, Kicker, Graffiti, FNG-(George Carter) Little League, FNG-(David Leman) LAVA, Chisel, Nancy, Avocado, Butter, War Dam Eagle, FNG-(Jeff Sellers) Prius, Freshman, Stacks, Play-it-again, Rubble, Tammy, Gold Digger

QIC: Gold Digger