20 PAX ventured out on this BRISK Spring morning for a little sumpin’ different.  Not to be confused with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ which would have been an altogether different, IPA-filled morning.  The goal this morning was to strengthen our backs, shoulders, and legs.


  • SSH X 25
  • Butt Kicks X 25
  • High Knees X 25
  • Squat Jumps X 25
  • Short mosey to parking lot

The Thang

A/B Partner Workouts.  Partner A exercises while partner B runs forward to end of parking lot, then runs backwards back to pain station and switch.  Numbers below are total count between two partners:

  • Hand-release Burpees x 50 (just like they sound)
  • Split Squats x 100 (single leg squat, one leg up on curb)
  • Short Legged Turtle x 150 (on stomach, hands on head, left/right motion)
  • Ronda Rousey x 200 (left/right punches)
  • Swimmers x 250 (on stomach, arms extended, legs flailing)
  • Conductors x 300 (front then side lateral raises)
  • Balls to the Wall


  • Freddie Mercury X 25
  • Mountain Climbers X 25
  • Cindy Crawfords X 25 (each side)
  • Low Flutters X 25
  • Parker Peters X 25
  • LBCs X 25
  • American Hammer X 25


I-Beam would like some Q signups for Latham Grinder?  He’s willing to co-Q if needed!


Maneater took us out with a very thoughtful prayer.  Thanks, brother.

PAX: Cummings

QIC: 3/21/16