16 (ironic I would say) pax arose in the dark to work out to celebrate all that is March Madness.  It went down something like this:


Warmerama – Everyone wants to get to the Sweet 16

Side Straddle Hops X 16 in cadence

Sun Gods x 16 in cadence

Reverse Sun Gods x 16 in cadence

Chinook Squats x 16 in cadence

Windmills x 16 in cadence

Frankenstein’s x 16 in cadence

Mountain Climbers x 16 in cadence

Hillbillies’ x 16 in cadence


The Thang


Took a short 2-line Indian Run from lower parking lot to the Lindley Park bathroom area for some fun and a little mumble chatter.  We did a set of Sweet 16 Dips followed by 23 up downs on the side of the wall, left leg first.  Michael Jordan would be proud.  Then, despite a busted Nancy Ear drum, we did 3, 1-minute wall sits followed by a 30 second recovery period.


Followed that up with a short mosey over to the basketball court for 20 minutes of some team suicides in honor of the late Coach Clarence Ganus (of Columbus County fame):


While partner 1 was running the cones to the foul line, back, to half court and back and to the end line and back Partner two was engaged in the following.




Al Gores

Copper Head Squats

Peter Parkers

San Antonio Shuffles (Left leg lunch, right leg lunge, burpee, plank jack)


Carolina Dry Docks.

Rinse and Repeat


Then we took another mosey over to the Monkey Bars for 10 min of team fun.  While one teammate did as many pull ups as possible in 30 seconds his teammate was doing Al Gores, Copperhead Squats, Leg lunges and Merkins.


Last was a mosey back to the Ball court for 10 min of Mary led by Udders.

10 MOM

Austin Ass Kickers X 8 each arm in cadence

LBC X 20 in cadence

Freddie Mercury X 16 in cadence

Scissor Kicks X 20 in cadence

Johnny Cash (5 merkins per pax)

Finished Mary with an Udders tradition (song time).  Today’s choice was “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry.  Started in plank and for every “gone” sung the pax did a plankjack #realcrowdpleaser

Once the song was finished everyone’s arms & energy were “gone”.  Dovetail cut song short as time for workout had ended.

Udders also made a mental note to allow time for American Hammer at future Q’s (Amphibious wasn’t pleased this was left out again)

Good work Pax, great group for a VQ.

COT:  Nancy took us out with a prayer


Announcements/Prayer Requests

1. Stinky Cheese wanted all to know that the Fleetfeet/F3 shoe drop was Saturday 3/19.  Bring your used shoes to the store.  Shout out to 3for1 for collecting at his store.  Around 75 had been collected so far.

2. Nancy wanted all to know of a service project starting at 8:30 on Saturday 3/19.  F3 was going to help out an elderly lady through Community Housing Solutions who’s house is in need of some repairs.  She lives with her mother and grandson and anyone who can join are welcome.  13 were signed up already.

3. Nancy also reminded everyone of Soul Crusher at 6:30 on Sunday.  Meet up behind Tex and Shirley’s for a group run.  Groups split up based on pace.

It’s always an honor to lead.  Thank you for the opportunity.





PAX: Dovetail

QIC: 03/19/16