3 PAX joined the Ruck Festivities Saturday morning.  We met in the parking lot and walked to the Lacrosse fields in the back for a little warm a rama.

Warm a Rama

20 x Peter Parkers

20 x Windmills

20 x Parker Peters

Part 1 of the Thang

PAX lined up on one of the lines in the field.  While one man bear crawled to the next line ~20 yards out, the other two men did the following and then vice versa


Carolina Dry Docks

Crunchy Frog

It turns out that these are really tough to do when you have 20 pounds on your back

Part 2 of The Thang

Hike into the woods on the Natty Greene trail.  1/8th of a mile in, the PAX did 30 yards of Lt. Dan’s

Another mile of so in, the PAX found a log to do incline pushups on.  We did 20 incline pushups with a couple of 10 counts in the 6 inch position.

After another mile or so and a few steep hills with luges to the top, the PAX came across another log to do some footwork exercises on.  In cadence, the PAX skipped over the log back and forth 20 times.  #Goodtimes

Realizing we had 15 minutes to beat the band back to the AO, we started high tailing it back.  In order to shorten our path back to the AO, we hustled out of the woods and onto the gas line to allow for more of a straight shot.  Of course the gas line area did not disappoint as it gave us a couple really long and steep hills to run.

Almost back to the Jesse Wharton entrance, Killowatt and YHC saw the Albino deer hanging out in the gas line area.

All in all, we came in 15 minutes past the top of the hour, but recorded 4 miles and lots of good strength exercises.


We gathered together and YHC took us out in prayer.


Big shout out to #Gilligan for carrying more weight in his pack and keeping the pedal down on the run back to the AO.


APRIL 16th Spring Bash at 5500 Old Brandt Trace, Greensboro

That was a ton of fun and a pleasure to lead,


PAX: HushPuppy

QIC: 221