16 of Natville’s finest denied the call of the siren (aka Fartsack) to post for some sweet Local Honey.  A nasty cold kindly shared by YHC’s M & 2.0 had me down & out for a week.  Strange how the call of the Gloom can be missed so much, but no doubt it’s only because of the privilege to put forth effort besides such fine men (and 2.0’s!).  Due to having one foot still in the “infirmary”, YHC sent out last minute F3 “Batcall” via Twitter yesterday in case backup was necessary for my VQ.  Many responses: Natville PAX have your back!  Good to know.

On 3/16/1802, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point was established. In honor of one of our great military and academic institutions, QIC decided it might be nice to borrow from the Black Knights Cadet Fitness Test this morning.  The test consists of 6 exercises: pull ups, merkins, squats, situps, dips, ankles to the bar. Considering local terrain (and lack of hanging bars), Omaha called to help mix up the fun.  Three stations with six exercises each.  Perform all exercises to 18 reps for 1802!

After brief welcome & disclaimer, I think it went something like this…..

Mosey from SF to Early Childhood Center parking lot.

#Forgotmyhandle – Oh yeah, my name is Chips


SSH x 19 (did I say 18 earlier?)

Sun gods each direction


5 Burpees OYO (#nexttime18)

Mt. Climbers

Partner up – size matters….a little…. for The Thang…

Mosey to Grasshoppers Stadium entrance (corner of Bellemeade/Eugene) for station 1:

Partner rows    #mumblechatter

Military merkins   #keepelbowsclose

Air Squats

WW1 Situps


Plank Jacks

Rinse/repeat until Q called Indian Run to corner of Bellmeade/Elm for station 2 (Good call by I-Beam for two lines; Captain Ron gets #extracredit but #watchthatcar)

Super man extensions     #whoseideaonconcrete?

Crucible merkins   #mumblechatter?

Step Ups   #yes18eachleg

Sprinter Situps

Partner Plank/Dips   #notaseasyasyouthought

Partner Leg Throws   #I-Beamshouldenjoy

Rinse/repeat until Q called mosey to Center City Park for station 3:

Partner rows    #crowdpleaser #shoudldthisbedoneinthelight? #backbypopulardemand

Squerkins   #mumblechatter

Boxer Situps

Lunges   #howmanyperleg?


Plank Skier Jumps

Mosey to SF

6MOM with help from I-Beam (Q was weazy!)

I-Beam – Slow Merkin x 5

Q – Crunchy Frogs x 18 (of course)

I-Beam – Homer to Marge #Quickenpleased


Great job this morning men!  I believe we all completed at least 2 rotations through stations 1 & 2.  Wish we had more time for station 3 (at least I wasn’t short on opportunity!).  Thanks to all those who had my back in case my VQ fell apart either due to sickness or ineptitude.  At a minimum, hopefully everyone got their heart pumping for a good launch into yet another day of opportunity to be a #HIM on the #BigBall for the #SkyQ.


Quicken: Up Town Funk Q dates are wide open.  Need Q’s

I-Beam: Latham Grinder Q dates open as well starting in April and beyond.  Need Q’s

Woody: Fenceline A/O on Tuesdays.  Come support Big Mitt and see Woody bleed?

F3 continues to grow quickly in Natville so there are many opportunities to Q.  If you have not, please try it. You will not be disappointed (despite what the PAX #mumblechatter sounds like!).  As I-Beam said, a great way to start is with a co-Q.  Reach out to any of us and we’re ready to jump in with you.

COT: Thanks Wait Time

Truly an honor to Q with you this morning.


PAX: Chips

QIC: 3/16/16