20 Pax including 7 FNG’s gathered in the new look of 5:30am after the time change this weekend to kick off the newest AO of Jamestown and Greensboro.  I want to first applaud the group of guys that came out of Natville to help us make this first day a success…I appreciate you brothers!  The morning went a little something like this.

We first moseyed about a 1/4 mile to the other side of the the AO for the warmup:



25 – Side Straddle Hops

15 – Windmills

20 – Hillbillies

15 each direction – Sun gods

20 – Prayer Squats


The Thang

The pax then moseyed over to the hill for the first part of a two-pronged attack on laziness and apathy:

The Hill:  We partnered up.  One partner at the top of the hill, one at the bottom.  The group up top did 10 Merkins at the top, crab walked down the hill, did, 1 Dip, then bear crawled up the hill.  They then did 9 Merkins and 2 dips repeating until 1 Merkin and 10 Dips were completed.  The guys at the bottom of the hill were doing the same workout, but start with 10 dips and 1 Merkin.

The Pax then moseyed over two the second station for a little partner work.

Partner Work:  One partner worked on the reps of the A-list while the other partner ran about 50 yard up a second hill and performed one exercise of the B-list.  The second partner would then run back to switch off with first partner until they had completed all the reps of the first exercise before moving on to the second exercise.  They would continue through the reps and exercises until time was called.


50 Burpees

100 Prisoner Get-Ups

200 Merkins

300 Squats


20 Mt. Climbers

-Bear Crawl Down Hill

20 Carolina Dry-Docks

-Crab Walk Down Hill

Once time was called, the pax moseyed back to the shovel flag for Mary’s.



25 – LBC’s

20 – Lo Slo Flutters

20 – Lo Dollies

15 – Weezy Jeffersons

15 ea side – Cindy Crawfords

20 – American Hammer



Named and welcomed the FNG’s: Graffiti, Freshman, Elmer, Miss Daisy, Marshall, Amelia, and Kicker.  We acclimated them to the Twitter feeds, service project announcements, 3rd F information.



Elroy prayed us out!


Thanks again to everyone that posted to help with a successful start to this AO.  It is a pleasure to be a part of an awesome group of men all pushing and encouraging one another to EXCELLENCE!!

Thanks Men,


PAX: Prophet, Danika, Explosion, Nancy, Stacks, Gold Digger, Elroy, Play-It-Again, Rubble, Buck, Drysedale, Fletch, Cheezy Poof, Ben Morrison (FNG-Kicker), Bruce Dedona (FNG-Graffiti), Ashley Waldridge (FNG-Amelia), Micah Ray (FNG-Freshman), Todd Lynch (FNG-Marshal), Bryan Lynch (FNG-Miss Daisy), Derrick Bostic (FNG-Elmer)

QIC: Prophet