Nails carried over most of his military fitness testing from the Sad Clown Killer last week to work over the PAX at the Cadet Lab with an assist from Heisenberg on the Warm-A-Rama and the 6MOM. A total of 11 PAX endured the beatdown. The idea of the military fitness test is to have 2 miles of timed running, 2 minutes of push ups and 2 minutes of sit ups with no resting and with a targeted numbers of reps. We did the push ups and sit ups (no official targeted reps) and it was harder than you would think to keep it going smoothly for 2 minutes each. We did not do a timed run, but put in probably 1.5 miles+. It might be worth doing this test with age-related targets in the future to see who can qualify. Here is how it played out:

Long mosey from shovel flag to Oak Ridge Elementary for the WARM-A-RAMA:


Windmills 20 IC

Sun Gods 15 IC Forward/ 15 IC Reverse

Flutter Kicks 20 IC

Mtn Climbers 20 IC

Mosey around the fields and back to front of school


Everyone does as many push ups as possible in 2 minutes with no let up. (Sort of harder than playing Roxanne and mostly planking)

Partner up and alternate holding your partner’s feet down while they do as many sit ups as possible with no let up for 2 minutes. (Also a pain)

Mosey over to parking lot and have 2 lines doing a relay about 50-60 yards down and then back. Repeat 3 times.

Mosey back to the shovel flag.


LBCs 20 IC

Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Hillbillies 20 IC

American Hammers 20 IC


Dr. Evil took us out.


Nails expressed thanks for his son beginning to work on his recovery now from a 2nd shoulder surgery for a torn labrum.

Request to get out and vote and best wishes to Gunny in his quest for a school board seat.

Nemo requested prayers for his longtime boss and friend that has had a tough time and is still in the ICU at Duke with a lung infection.

Prayers for Dr. Evil’s daughter that is having surgery on Wednesday.

On behalf of Nails, we express that it was an honor to have led the dedicated PAX this morning,






PAX: Nails and Heisenberg

QIC: 03/15/2016