24 PAX gathered for a hump day beatdown at Jaycee Park.  Yeti was the lone splinter for a run down the greenway.  There will be more splinters in the coming weeks, but for now the remaining PAX were treated to a core workout designed to shred thier abs and burn their shoulders.  YHC was a late sub for the Q and was glad to fill in.  YHC had been waiting for a good moment to unleash this beatdown on the PAX, and today was the day.


.25 mile mozy to the Country Park entrance


20 Slow Squats IC

15 Slow Merkins IC

20 Sun Gods forward IC (10 small, 10 big)

Now on to the cones where THE THANG began

three rows of cones set up for circuit training.

1)       AB circuit 1:  Crab walk to first cone, hold plank til 6 is in, then the PAX did  20 American Hammers, 20 LBC’s and 20 Flutter Kicks at the first cone. Crab walk to the next cone, rinse and repeat the ab circuit. rinse and repeat for third cone.  A total of 60 each IC

2)        Ab circuit 2:  Crab walk to each cone.  Low Dollys, Freddie Mercury, Dangling/Dying Cochroach.  60 each IC

Once the abs had been destroyed, YHC called out the next cone circuit:

3)     Shoulder circuit:  reverse bear crawl to each cone with 10 Carolina Drydocks at each come. Hold low plank waiting on the 6. Rinse and Repeat the other way.  Holy smokes,the reverse bear crawl looked good on paper! Shoulders were SMOKED.

After a much need ten count, it was time for the PAX to reach for more and finish strong for some:

4)        Broad Jump Burpees 50 yards across the parking lot.  Hold reverse plank til 6 is in.

Mosy back to flag for some mary.  After we already did 360 ab reps, What?


Jane Fondas:  side plank with leg raises, 10 right leg IC, 10 left leg IC

Kick Backs: Plank position, right leg raises 10 IC, Left leg raises 10 IC

French Fries: 15 IC

Greatest American Hero:  Superman hold while the PAX sang the best TV theme song evah.


-YHC discovered he had a speech impediment that caused him to call out Crab Cock instead of Crab Walk.  #whoknew

-The PAX did a great job of rotating the cadence on the ab reps.

-Pinkman, Hush Puppy and Pinkman killed the broad jump burpees, Great job #fastholes

-Splinter running workout will continue on Wednesdays, meet for Warm-O-Rama, run 30 min, meet for Mary.


-THIS Saturday Community Housing Solutions workshop, sign up with Butt Fumble.

-March 30 Gate City Growlers, Second F event to raise money for Faulkner’s mission trip.

-HHDH tonght at Tap Room (EHing for the Murph night)

-Shoe drop date is Saturday at Fleet Feet or the Saturday workout, bring all shoes including cleats

-2nd Fs encouraged for the NCAA tourney

-Norwood offered to make a sweet vingette of your and your M in a brandy sifter of you join his Heart Walk Team

-Sign up genius for Virus meal drop is live, still need drops for late April and early May. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4aaca72cabfc1-f3meal

-Rooster is collecting funds for Backpack Beginnings.  They need 1000 for a fridge.  We will get info on how to donate.

-Wicked will be doing execrises at the Murph tomorrow to help PAX perform pull ups. You have been EHed.

COT:  Wojo led us in prayer.  Thanks brother!

Thank you for the opporunity to lead.  Everyone did an awsome job today.



PAX: Matlock

QIC: 03/16/2016