Warm A Rama

20 x Hillbillies

20 x Peter Parkers

20 x Windmills

Mosey over to the Fitness Center on the South Side of the School


Partners of 2. 1 Partner Runs around the median in the parking lot of JWE while the other partner participates in the exercises below.  Partners tag out and accumulatively complete the amounts below.

75 x pull ups

200 x push ups

300 x squats

150 x Dips

50 x Burpees

100 x Lunges

Rinse and Repeat

MOSEY Back to the Shovel Flag

Plank for the 6



In the Flutter Kick position, we listened to Sally go up and down for over 30 times in 3 1/2 minutes. #corwdfavorite

20 x American Hammers


Matlock created a Sign Up Genius for Virus who had surgery for every tuesday and thursday for the next couple of months.  Need folks to sign up from Mid April through Mid May

Shoes being collected across all AO’s for the big donation this Saturday

Spring Bash, April 16th


Matlock took us out with a challenge to make a real difference this week.

Truly an honor to lead,


PAX: HushPuppy

QIC: 3/14/2016