Little bit of everything!  22 Pax with (1) FNG.  Awesome work!

YHC was a little confused this morning so went with a mix of exercises.  Nice work to all and especially Snookie (Break 2), Butt Fumble (Break 1) and Rhonda (collection of jump ropes).

Day started out with a little bit of Yoga Stretching.  5 minutes of stretching and then went into the Thang.

Grab a jump rope and some weights

100 reps of jump rope.

Then (2) revolutions of:

  1. Curls (Butt Fumbles request) x 30 seconds each arm
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Tricep Extensions x 30 seconds each arm
  4. Squat Jumps
  5. Turkish Getups x 30 seconds each arm
  6. Kettlebell/dumbbell swing
  7. Kettlebell/dumbbell situp
  8. Goblet Squat
  9. Tbar Push up – alternating arms
  10. Overhead press

1 minute of AMRAP followed by 15 second break.  After revolution, there is a break of 2 minutes.  Butt Fumble took the 1st break – LBC x 25 IC followed by Mosey (perfect timing).  Snookie took second break of American Hammer with weight followed by jump rope.

Then did a wall stand by 30 seconds with Beaver on Q (that was a long 30 seconds).  Somebody requested round 2 after starting running back for core work so Snookie led us thru the second 30 seconds.  Nice work.

Back to Core work – Yoga core moves followed by 2 minutes of stretching.

COT by Boy Wonder (awesome job)

Flap Jack if I could borrow Greg’s email address will add him to the list (Slow Pitch think was already taken so will have to have a new naming next Tuesday).


Stinky Cheese mentioned Shelly’s project was a success.  He thanked the guys that helped.  Awesome work!

Stinky Cheese shoe drop ends this week – 3/19.

Butt Fumble mentioned service project next Saturday and also shelter dinner this Sunday.  Butt Fumble will send out email.

Butt Fumble requested that we keep the family in Kirkwood in our prayers.  Unfortunate turn of events over the weekend with mental illness led to an altercation with Police.

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 03/15/16