Be careful what you tweet men of F3.  What started as “Hey, the Dash should put on a Bear-like event” comment back in late summer turned into, “Sounds like we have a point person!” And thus, this event was born.

This was a collective effort to pull together.  The pax has been gracious to say thanks to YHC, but I thank you.  This does not happen without you!  Your encouragement, your effort and your leadership!

Men from all over began gathering in the gloom in the shadows of the historic Groves Stadium (YHC isn’t into corporate sponsors).  There was even short bus that pulled in!  When asked why, Wojo replied, “Why don’t you have a short bus?” As the pax pondered his Jedi mind tricks and mistakenly thought Fizzy donated an 18 wheeler of Pepsi into our parking lot, gathered and moseyed across the street.

Trying to change the P to Purpose instead of Pointless, YHC invited Shawan Gabriel to share about Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  There are about 100 young men on the waiting list for a Big Brother in Winston. Positive relationships matter, and we believe in giving it away.


Our faithful Nantan & his surly sidekick started us off with the usual nonsense.

We were briefly interrupted by security wondering how long we were going to be.  This didn’t distract us from our mission and we pressed on.

Station 1 – Paisley Magnet School (I blame Winklevoss )

  • Burlington led us through a variety of misery
    • First round – destroy your chest/shoulders aka “What the heck is a sun god?”  We found out and regretted asking
    • Second round – Legs – aka get your butt kicked by some 85 year old dude
    • third round – core misery
  • We said goodbye to Tuco at this point – thankful he caved to the peer pressure realizing 1 hour of the Mega is better than any Nomad or sad clown

Station 2 – Shifty Parking deck (I blame Burlap)

  • There was a speed bump after coming up a new hill for the pax at 1st Baptist.  In true Burlap fashion, he made his own sign and YHC saw a 3 ring binder with printed instructions.  Dude never fails to impress!
  • The 6 caught up and the pax moseyed to the deck for 4 levels of Hell.
  • Various exercises and modes of transportation, yada yada.  We just were waiting for the weird whistle to know when to shift
  • Pax noticed the deck had a healthy bounce to it at the top.  Cheerio assured the pax it was within code.
  • Said goodbye to Fingers – thinking he ran all the back to the start? #beastmode

Station 3 – Hanes Park (Mini Me’s meltdown)

  • This was the pax’s fave mosey route, all downhill!  Until they gathered at the base of education hill, the Dashpax were wishing they had caught Mini Me that fateful day in 2014.
  • There was some weird 3 man merkin followed by run backwards up the hill and if your quads weren’t screaming enough, do some monkey humpers.  #jerk
  • To help the pax recover he led some Mary, except we couldn’t put feet down during the misery.  Guessing he wanted us to get stronger.
  • Said goodbye to Cheerio & Van Gogh – not sure what Cheerio  had to do, but I’m sure it wasn’t as impressive as Van Gogh, who ran in from HP to the start.

Long mosey to Reynolda

  • The boys busted it and created their own speed bump before crossing Coliseum #leadership.  Others came and picked up the 6.

Station 4 – Reynolda Village (I blame Doogie)

  • Pax thought it was Full Nelson leading 4 rounds of Tabata, but no it was Kay from Kernersville.
  • At this point pax was getting a little punchy and civility was wearing thin
  • Merkins, split squats, burpees (tabata burpees? Really Tabata Freakin Burpees? Good thing you stayed in the middle) and Mt Climbers

Station 5 – The Quad (I blame Wojo)

  • After a scenic stroll onto campus, the pax gathered for a core meltdown
  • there were cards involved, but the takeaway was that the Natville boys must not like to read since the Q insisted on reading what was on the nicely printed sheets in each group.  (did YHC mention that civility was wearing thin?)
  • Gloves and cards are a bad mix
  • There was some dude who made the pax do Chilcutts for 6 minutes.  Highlight was renaming Dancing Chilcutt’s to Grayson Allen’s
  • Some other misery happened but YHC had to step out to make sure hydration made it in #priorities

Victory Mosey to stadium replete with Shovelflags!

  • This really was a powerful thing to witness and thankful for all the effort and leadership!

Basic facts:

  • Distance covered – 11 – 14 miles were recorded by various devices.  The route was 9, plus lassie runs and pain stations
  • Time – 3:45


  • YHC doesn’t know where to begin, so hoping pax will fill in comment section with all the good stuff
  • Highlights for YHC
    • Bulldog, Short Sale, BMOC, Spicoli are bad men – they kept going, kept encouraging and kept smiling (alright, that last part’s a stretch)
    • The #fastholes were always so faithful to pick up the 6 regularly, whenever the pax got stretched out – well done!
    • Zuck can do a great impersonation of a wretching cat
    • When Butter gets tired, his filter drops, always entertaining
    • Pax at deck were relieved when YHC pointed out that Mike Tysons are done with feet on the ground instead of up the wall.
    • Toe Tag giving a legit assessment of Vape’s knee (better than the “rub some dirt on it” approach) and even packed an extra bike in case somebody needed it!
    • Proehl – nuff said


  • Dice Man & Zuck for the design and shirt coordination
  • Landshark for rolling with hydration station, even going to get extra cups mid-mega
  • Landshark, Happy Gilmore, & my 2.0 for picture taking – still collecting and will put together soon
  • All the pax who organized pain stations and led runs – they brought it
  • Mini Me wins the “traveled the farthest” award, and Burlington ain’t that close.
  • Lite Brite for the amazing banner and great magnets! Made us look so legit
  • 6 Degrees for connecting us with the right folks at WFU to use the parking lot – even had our own security guard!
  • Toe Tag for packing 1st Aid kits and being our travelling doc

COT: YHC took us out so thankful for all that the pax did and encouraged us to keep giving it away.  We don’t do this only for ourselves.  Keep looking out for the guy next to you!

PAX: Men of legends – no point in listing them all. Better this way so pax can always say they were there for this historic day. 55 started with us and 46 were with us at the end. YHC would post a pic, but the F3 oligarchs revoked our media privileges.

QIC: Dash Pax