With a new day, time, and an extra 15 minutes to add to the j-town Beatdown, YHC couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the helm for an extended Saturday version of the beat down.  With the extra time available YHC was able to extend the AO to  new territory which proved to be worth the extra mileage required to reach these outer limits.

After a brief welcome, disclaimer,  and a forewarning about the forth coming milage, it began.



SSH- 25 IC

Windmills- 20 IC

Mountain climbers- 20 IC

Plank Jacks- 20 IC


YHC conveniently had a few concrete cylinders laying around and decided to share a few with the PAX.  Everyone was instructed to grab 2 concrete cylinders of their liking to bring along for the Tour of the City Lake park.




Mosey to park entrance and plank for 6.  Once 6 was in, mosey to amphitheater for hill sprints and merkins.

Sprint to top of amphitheater

10 merkins return to bottom for

10 more merkins.

Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds to complete 100 merkins in total.


Grab concrete cylinders and Mosey to picnic shelter. At picnic shelter, PAX were to perform-

25 Dips

25 Derkins

25 Squats

Run down to pool entrance and sprint up the multiple flights of stairs to top parking lot.  At top of stairs perform 25 plank jacks.

Return to picnic shelter.

Rinse and repeat for a total of 50 dips, 50 Derkins, 50 squats and 50 plank jacks.


Plank for six


Grab concrete cylinders and mosey to large picnic shelter by main entrance.


Grab a pice of wall for 2 min wall squats while performing the following with concrete cylinders.

Curls -20 IC

Overhead presses -20 IC


Mosey to upper parking lot by main entrance for Suicides with merkins.

Begin with 20 merkins.

Suicides across parking lot using parking bays as markers.

End with 20 merkins for a total of 40 more merkins.


Grab cylinders to begin mosey back to shovel flag.



20 – LBC’s IC

20 – LSF’s IC

20 – Hello Dolly’s IC

20 – American Hammers IC



New AO at Life Community Church Monday 5:30am.


New 3rd F Immediately following  new AO at Life Community Church.


Coffee immediately following Saturday Workout.


COT – Profit took us out!


Great effort by all PAX.


As always it was an honor to have the opportunity to lead such a dedicated group.


Gold Digger

PAX: Gold Digger

QIC: 03/12/16