Three PAX launched from Jesse Wharton Elementary for the Northern Ruckus. It was a great morning to experience the first and second F along the Nathaniel Greene Trail. For the second week in a row, the PAX saw some interesting wildlife as this morning we caught a glimpse of an albino deer.



-Hike to the lacrosse field for a warm-up.

-Mountain Climbers (15)

-Triple Squats (narrow stance, regular stance and wide stance) (12 IC)

-Merkins (15 IC)

-Hillbillies (12 IC)

Body Builders (10 8-count)


The Thang

Bear Crawl (20 yards and back)

Crab Walk (20 yards and back)

Now You See Me (80 yards and back)

Partner Carry (40 yards)

Tunnel of Love (20 yards)


PAX staged a 30-min hike along the Nathaniel Greene Trail. The mission included several exercises along the trail:

Single Leg Lunge (10 each leg OYO)

Dips (10 OYO)

Derkins (15 OYO)

Elevated Merkins (10 OYO)

Wrapped up with all three PAX climbing up the 20 ft pole and doing a pull-up (with 20 lb. pack). Great way to end our work out.



-We found it was possible to make a wrong turn during the Tunnel of Love.

-We left the coupon on the trail today, it’s a 4 pax job, if only Longtime had posted… Next time…

-The Pole is becoming a killer way to end this AO. Double Check is an inspiration to us all.

-We ran into Bumblebee at the end of the workout.  Come on back, brother!


– Matlock developed a sign up sheet for providing meals to Virus. Appreciate PAX volunteering to provide a meal to Virus and his family during his recovery from knee surgery.


COT – T-claps to Jitter Bug for leading our prayer.

It was an honor to lead this morning. Aye.

Wait Time


PAX: Jitterbug, Matlock, Wait Time (QIC)

QIC: Wait Time