9 locals and YHC showed up for a complex workout, in instruction only, that proved to be just the thing to get us going on a near perfect Tuesday morning. The Irving Park teachers have been getting there earlier and earlier, but we figured 5:40 to be a tad early even for the most dedicated teacher. Hushpuppy EHs almost as well as he runs, bringing in another #Natville newcomer Rahim Stennett now forever known as #RedStripe, we just need to work on HP’s GPS comms. Now, 11 men in total, we went through introduction, disclosure, and properly welcomed #RedStripe with 30 SSH IC. The rest went down like this:

***3F Highlights Below*** Bird’s Nest Site Q


  • Mosey 2 laps around basketball court
  • Clockwise line jumps (4 sets)
    • 0º x 10, 0+90º x 10, 0+90+180º x 10, 0+90+180+360º x 10
    • A-skips, Carioca, backstep, Carioca in between sets
  • Upright Mountain Climber
  • SSH x 30 IC

The Thang (here comes the complexity)

Verbal and Written instructions provided

  • Lap the building surrounded by stairs
    • Alternate Leg and Arm Circuits (Rep Counts 20,20,15,10)
    • Arm
      • Merkins
      • Inc Merkins
      • Dips
      • Derkins
    • Leg
      • Squats
      • Ice Skaters
      • Split Lunges
      • Box Jumps
  • Lap building, Arm circuit, Lap Bulding, Leg Circuit = 1 Round
  • After each round, mosey to Baseball Diamond for positional sprints/exercises.
    • Round 1
      • Positions 1-2
        • 1 – SSH x 50
        • 2 – Merkin x 25
    • Round 2
      • Positions 3-4-5
        • 3 = Wojo Squat x 30
        • 4 = Plank Jack x 30
        • 5 = Diamond Merkin x 30
    • Round 3
      • Positions 6-7-8-9
        • 6 = Copperhead Squat x 30
        • 7 = Mountain Climber x 30
        • 8 = Carolina Dry Dock x 30
        • 9 = Monkey Humper x 30
  • Mosey to Basketball Court for Mary


  • 20 LBCs IC
  • 20 Intermediate Crunches Interlocked
  • 40 Heels to Heaven IC
  • Right Elbow to Left Knee x 15 IC
  • Left Elbow to Right Knee x 15 IC
  • Knees to Chest x 20
  • 3F
    • Flutter Kicks x 12 IC
    • Figure8s x 12 IC
    • Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC
  • Homer-to-Marge x 20
    • Marge to Sky x 15


  • Spring Bash at Hush Puppy’s house, April 16th (5500 Old Brandt Trace). Follow @F3GSOSpringBash for more details. Booked Pulled Piggy (Darryls Food Truck)
  • ACC/NCAA 2F opportunities. Encouraged to post on twitter if you are eating somewhere and watching a game.
  • Service opportunities are abundant. Please see weekly email from Butt Fumble


  • Men joined YHC and took a knee and gave honor and thanks to our Lord & Savior

Honor to lead and serve


~ Big Mitt

Highlights from 3rdF at Search Office on Pembroke led by Bird’s Nest

We started off by reviewing verses 1-26 in Chapter 4, but really focusing on the punchline thus far in the chapter, verse 13.

  • “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again”
    • Salvation that Jesus offers is the only way to truly cure eternal thirst
    • Jesus fully revealed himself to the woman

Starting in verse 27 with Jesus speaking about “Spiritual Harvest”

  • Jesus’ disciples returned surprised to see Him speaking with a woman
    • However, as evident in that latter part of the verse, His character was above reproach
    • He was not challenged, questioned, or speculated about as to any wrongdoing
    • NOTE: Does our own character lead to such trust amongst our peers? 
  • vs 28
    • fetching water was no small task. The woman left her water jar at the well while heading back to town.
      • The water she gained was immeasurably better than the water she left behind
  • 28-30
    • Woman returned to town where she didn’t have the most upstanding reputation
      • Calmly, not pressing, offered the townspeople an experience
        • “Could this be the Messiah”
        • Gave her testimony – “see a man who told me everything I ever did”
        • testimony had impact
  • 31-32
    • Meanwhile – Disciples were concerned for Jesus and offered Him food.
      • Jesus was more concerned with a spiritual harvest
        • “I have food to eat the you know nothing about”
        • As often as we have seen – disciples were confused
    • Spiritual food on the horizon
      • physical food can wait
  • 35
    • Harvest is now!
    • Jesus’ spiritual antennas were up
    • Question: Are ours? Are we seeking, listening, looking for those who need this message?
    • Jesus’ concern is doing the will of His Father. Are we?
  • 36-38
    • Coming to Christ is a process
      • sower of the seed is not always, in fact, rarely the reaper of the harvest
  • 39-41
    • Stayed 2 days at their request
      • Jesus displays His willingness to ALWAYS be available
      • Hearts moved
      • Trusted Him

Bird’s Nest went on to share some secrets of reading and discerning Scripture.


(S) ins to foresake – Food you don’t know about

(P) promises to claim  – Eternal eyes at all time

(E) xamples to follow – care about others, teamwork

(C) ommands to obey – Open your eyes to the field – ripe for harvest

(S) ummary – My story is good enough to give away

Great nugget for all of us to use in many aspects of life, but especially reading scripture. T-claps to Bird’s Nest.

Prayer to exit, and we’ll return next Tuesday to finish Chapter 4.

PAX: Maneater, Bird’s Nest, Hush Puppy, Rahim Sennett (Red Stripe) (FNG), Rooster, Ozone, Bodett, Hoser, Romo, Stella, Big Mitt (QIC)

QIC: Big Mitt