18 with the Q including 3 FNG showed for this mornings beatdown.

Started off a little something like this.

10 burpees OYO

hillbillies x 30

sungods x 13 reverse x 13

windmills x 20

Mosey to the church parking lot for the thang. Plank for six.

20lb Weighted Ruck sack for volunteer sugar ray – BEAVER . Showing how its done!

Broke off into two groups and rotated through exercises.

merkins x 20 -run to next station

crab cakes x 20 IC -run to next station

Person Carry to next station

LBC (IBC) – 30 IC -run to next station

Bearcrawl to next station

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC -run to next station

Lunge to next set of stations – second group started here at same time group 1 started.

Plank jacks x 20 IC -run to next station

Mountain Climbers x 25 IC -run to next station

split jumps x 15 -run to next station

Alternate person carry uphill.

Copper head dry docks x 10 IC – run to next station

——The PAX rinsed and repeated— Then mosey back to basket ball courts.

MR. MIYAGI took the ruck sack for the second round. Ninja Mode!

REFI took the ruck sack for the mosey back to the courts. We needed to slow him down anyways.

OZONE manned up for the ruck sack for the spontaneous burnout. Beast Mode!

3 for 1 Burnout:

4 sprint suicides in the grass using a makeshift marker (my shirt)

Crab walk length of court and back – Plank for six

Cherry pickers length of court and back

Bear crawl down and back the length of the court – Plank for six

Shots and squats (aka walking lunge squats) (modified Lt. Dan) length of court and back – Plank for six

Moved to the courts to circle up for the 10 minute Mary.

peoples chair 40 count


hip raises x 5 each side

LBC x 30 IC

Dying cockroachs x 30 IC

American hammer x 30 IC

10 burpees OYO

And even after all of that, the Q still shorted the pax 5 minutes of a workout. Which was actually needed for the namarama and FNG naming initiation.  WHICH TOOK 8 MINUTES!! Has to be a record.

Nancy took us out with the COT

Welcome FNGs; Pumba, Sweater Vest, and Curly!!



Tuesday workout has been delayed because of pluming issues at the church

Nancy and Buttfumble – community solutions – signup genius emailed out if you want to help repair low income homes.

No more Wednesday food at the church until further notice.

Sole Crusher Sunday. 0630 behind the dumpsters of Tex and Shirley.



Honor to lead fellas!!





PAX: 03/12/16

QIC: 357