24 Pax turned out for a Yeti beat down and got stuck with a Wicked easy street beat down instead! T-Clapps to Sacked and Wilson for the Co-Q support and to all the Pax for some serious effort in the gloom! Many thanks to Yeti for allowing me to be the last Derailleur at GDS and the first Lunatic Fringe, a great honor to be sure! T- Clapps to Boones Farm for taking over the Fringe as the new Site Q, we know he will carry the torch and make is all proud. As for this morning, here are the details of what we accomplished as a team.


5 minutes of leg stretching –

1lap mosey around the track

Thang: Two teams , 1 team does 4 out and back 30 yard sprints ( short burst fast running) whilst the other does the exercise until relieved. Flip Flop and then complete 1 core exercise all together. Rinse and repeat 4 times


  1. Static Isometric Goblet Squat – LSF X 30 IC
  2. Chest Press – Planche Hold X 90 sec
  3. Straight Leg Deadlift – Low Dolly X 30 IC
  4. Shoulder Press – LBC X 30 IC

Mary: More Sprints!

All Pax line up and do:

  1. 30 yard Sprint – 20 Merkins
  2. Crab Walk back – 20 Merkins
  3. 30 Yard Sprint – 30 Merkins
  4. Bear Crawl back – 30 Yard Sprint

Circle up for

American Hammer – Sacked X 30 IC

Side Planche Dips X 20 SC each side

30 Sec Planche for the count….


Thanks for the opportunity to workout with the Pax, love the effort, humbled by the hearts, blessed to be alive in fellowship.

Amen- Wicked


Stinky Cheese – Shelly’s Home Painting come out and help of you can tomorrow….contact Stinky for details.

Megaladon – Winston Pax CSUP tomorrow , if you’re up for the challenge, 6am at Quaker Starbucks in the morning, we will caravan over…

Stinky Cheese – Sneaker Drive!

Next week, come join Butt Fumble and I for a day of serving – See his email blasts! No better reward than serving….



PAX: minimal

QIC: yes