42 PAX gathered this morning for the 1 year Anniversary of Uptown Funk, unfortunately Bruno Mars was unable to make it in from Vegas last night but still the atmosphere was electric for the 52 consecutive Uptown Funk beat down.  Hermie and YHC were on the Q’s and with 1 FNG in tow we celebrated in true men of the gloom fashion, in other words we got to work.

Disclaimer (we are not here to be your friend this morning per usual Quicken introduction) and Introduction

Split off into 2 groups

1 group into the Old Car lot and one group behind the Apartments on Friendly


4 excercises


Imperial Storm Troopers

Monkey Humpers

WW II Situps

Start 10 Reps work all the way down to 1 Rep

The Thang

Both groups Mosey Back to the Church Street Parking Deck

Group 1 starts at the top

  • Burpees x7
  • Merkins x14
  • Goblet Squats x21
  • Air Claps x28
  • LBCs x 35
  • Run down the deck to street level do 5 Prisoner Get-ups, then back to top level.  This completes Set #1.

 Group 2 starts at the bottom

  • Burpees x7
  • Merkins x14
  • Goblet Squats x21
  • Air Claps x28
  • LBCs x 35
  • Run up the deck to top level, do 5 prisoner getups then back to street level.  This completes Set #1.

Rinse and Repeat 4 times

Plank at the bottom of the Deck for the 6.

Mosey to the Children’s Museum for Mary

20 Lo Slo Flutter

20 Crunchy Frogs

20 Freddy Mercury’s

25 American Hammers

COT: Tommy Boy took us out, Great Job!


Launch of new Tuesday AO Arise has been delayed, Amphibious will let us know when it is back on

Go out and support the Mega tomorrow I think Wicked is arranging a Clown Car

Stinky Cheese is doing the service event tomorrow helping somebody in Mayodan, get with him if you can help out

Butt Fumble on the Q @ CN

Gold Digger on the Q in Jamestown

I-beam on the Q @ Rainbow Dash

New AO @ Life Community Church on Wendover come out support the FNGs on Monday @ 530

Gentlemen, it was an honor to lead you this morning with Hermie.  It is always exciting to see everyone pushing themselves to get stronger early on a Friday morning   It has been a great pleasure of mine to workout with all of you the last 52 weeks @Uptown Funk, I have truly gotten so much more out of being there with you guys than I have given.  It is with a heavy heart that I pass the baton on of site Q to someone else for year 2.  The pleasure has truly been all mine.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and hope to see you guys in the gloom on Saturday.










PAX: Hermie and Quicken

QIC: 3/11/16