17 RVA Pax, 1 cameo appearance from Greensboro, and 2 FNG’s met the gloom this morning with joy in their hearts to face what was advertised as a “run heavy” 45 MOM.  YHC did his best not to disappoint.  Here is what transpired:

Warmup lap around the campus to standard COP spot:



DQ (old man style) X15

arm circles:  10 little, 5 big, then reverso

IW: X26 increasing in speed

Incline Prom Dates:  X20 (OYO) for demonstration purposes


5 Corners, or “it’s a friggin triangle, people” (named after Saab’s now infamous workout). Run the track, stopping at the “5 corners” to do an excersize.  Repeato X3 X2 then continue running the track until all pax are complete.  Advanced version, stop at stations where someone was still working and join in.  Q knows when everyone is done by nobody at stations (everybody running).

Station 1:  Incline Prom Dates X20

Station 2:  Dips X20

Station 3:  Merkinville (X5 of any style merkin, then change styles X4, totaling X20)

Station 4:  Leg Lifts X20

Station 5:  Pull ups X10

Burpee Shuffle

Burpee Indiginous People Run- 1 lap around the campus.  Two columns of EQUAL numbers, do a standard indian run, but drop and do a burpee before sprinting.

Cirlce of Mary:  instead of standard Mary excersizes, pax did 20 15 Richard Kimbles (thanks, Honey Do)

Back to VSF, COT, out with a prayer by YHC.


So, the mumblechatter started early, when TYA announced (subtly) it was time to commence said workout.  More mumble when YHC led pax out the wrong way.  Love you all, too.  Toga tried to give grief about the run heavy shot called, but to be honest, his heart wasnt in it.

Word was, we could have had the longest disclaimer in RVA F3 history this morning.  There are some people you just dont hand the mic to, everybody knows that.

YHC did his best to remember everything wrote up, but forgot the Richard Kimbles during COP.  Happy to be able to work them in later, though.

Going forward, the Burpee Indian Run should be Indian run with the burpee optional.  Seems like the waters muddied a bit here.


Thanks to Toga for dropping back to bring in stragglers during said burpee run.

Rumor has it that Offshore was busy admiring his fancy space shoes and walked smack into a pullup bar.  Good times…

So happy to have Greensboro regular Nancy with us this week.  He invites us all to join in if we are down that way.  It is rumored you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a COP in Greensboro.  Way to bring it!

Fudd was early this morning.  WOOT!

2.36 miles on the GPS, for those in the run challenge.

Welcome Swiss Miss!  He is a friend of Marv’s that has been in the EH for 6 months.  Does a bunch of international traveling so the names were all over the map….literally.  Pax liked Swiss Miss, and it stuck.

Welcome also to Fiona!  Co-worker? to Lug Nut and had also endured a long EH, but finally succumbed to pressure.  YHC made a joke from Big Bang theory about his Chinese symbol tattoo being for “soup”.  He confessed it actually read “little silver princess”.  You cant make this sh*t up.  Fiona was a slam dunk allyoop.  YHC is sure there is a great backstory on that TAT, he will be looking for him during run days to get that story.

Also, welcome back to a few Pax that have either been absent for a while,or are still pretty new:  Cooler, and Goldberg.  Glad to meet you both

Lastly, way to keep posting Mr. Rogers!  Quickly becoming a regular!


UGH!  Several…see Splinter’s list from yesterday.



PAX: 03/10/2016

QIC: 2016-03-10 16:16:47|Y