It was a beautiful morning at Slammin’ Sammies Smackdown. The Q master plan began at dusk the night before. 12 agility ladders were drawn on BBall Court which led to a Q premature sore lower back before Any excercise had begun.

Q had been on a lengthy hiatus and had to dust off a few cobbwebs, struggling to recall the proper order and detail of F3 workout procedure. With a bit of improvisation the workout went like this:

A Short synopsis of the workout theme inspired by an Ex Navy Seal Co-worker / Pax then Moseyed to the Baseball Parking lot for


SSH x 25

Windmills x 20

Sun Gods x 15 (each way)

Air Squats x 20

Mountain Climbers x 25

Two Lines formed and Indian Run back to the BBall Court for

The Thang:

Agility drills – to sharpen our coordination, increase foot-speed, accuracy and balance.

Q demonstrated each exercise and the PAX practiced. After demonstration, we completed each of the drills and in between paused with 5 Burpees.

The Drills were:

-Snakes- lateral movement

-Hopscotch- linear Forward/BKWD

-Icky Shuffle-(Inside/Outside)linear footwork)

-Two Toe Touches- Lateral Movement alternating right in then left then switch

-Lateral High Knees- left foot lead then right foot lead

-Linear Trail Taps- too hard to explain at 11PM.

Planked till 6 was in then we shifted to the fence line along Market St Parking Lot.

Standing Long Jumps to cones in the middle of the field to then complete (Air Squats x 25).

Standing Long Jumps back to the Fence to complete (Dips/Derkins x 25)

Rinse and Repeat (Some completed a third set) #BADMFRS

We then shifted back to ball court Agility Ladder Drills to see how much we had learned. Q suggested Snakes, Hopscotch, Icky, then TTT witb Plank Jacks in between. Some Omaha’d to do what they preferred.

Q observed some pax members moved with the grace of ballet dancers,

while others not so much.


LBCS x 25

Rosalitas x 20

Low Slow Flutter x 30

American Hammer x 15

Q recorded all who posted and almost forgot FNG Name-A-Rama

Congrats to Chicken Hawk (Wayne Williams). Keep posting!!!

Q ended with COT –

“Through God we may be blessed with agility, to be swift and accurate in our responses (physical and mental) to all obstacles that life may bring.”

I apologize I forgot to ask for announcements so here are the ones from Nattys Hump



Meet for Lunch at Mac’s Speed Shop

At 12Noon. First F3 Man to arrive grab a table outside porch! Go Heels

03/12 Shelly’s Project: Mayodan NC- Painting Interior- Contact Stinky Cheese or get on Signup Genius.

03/12 Community Housing Solution: 10 Pax signup so far…Contact Butt Fumble for more information

03/12 CSUP Event in Winston Salem this Saturday (Completely Stupid & Utterly Pointless) for FNG’s- Contact Wojo for more information or to clown car coordinate. Roughly 8.5 miles with pain stations in between. GSO will provide assistance.

04/16 April Spring Bash with Food Trucks-(My kind of Party) Hushpuppy says there will be inflatables there too (not those kind)..for the 2.0’s. Contact Hushpuppy to beg for an invite.

This Saturday: Butt Fumble has the Q

03/19 Fleet Feet Shoe Drop: Drop your seasoned running shoes at Fleet Feet and tell them F3 sent you. Or, take them to your Q at your AO or bring them to me before then.

It’s always an honor and a pleasure to serve!!!


PAX: Defib

QIC: 03/09/16