Two lines Mosey to the end of the Parking Lot by the gate for a quick trigger photo for the City before starting:

Warma -a-Rama

25 SSH

25 Imperial Walkers

25 Windmills

20 Sun Gods

25 Mountain Climbers

More Cardio: Two lines run through Park to the first parking lot beside playground for:

Partner A & B: 100 Merkins-Stacking, Partner B runs to other side and does 5 Burpees

Partner A & B: 100 Dying Cockroaches-Stacking/ Partner B, 5 Burpees

Partner A & B: 100 Squats-Stacking/ Partner B, 5 Burpees

Two Lines: Indian Run back to Gated parking lot for four corners:

  1. 20 Squats

2.  20 Carolina Dry Docks

3. TBA

4. Lt. Dan’s to Shovel Flag



20 Low Slow Flutters

20 Freddy Merc’s

20 American Hammers

20 Crunchy Frogs with a side order of seal imitation


03/12 Shelly’s Project: Mayodan NC- Painting Interior- Contact Stinky Cheese or get on Signup Genius.

03/12 Community Housing Solution: 10 Pax signup so far…Contact Butt Fumble for more information

03/12 CSUP Event in Winston Salem this Saturday (Completely Stupid & Utterly Pointless) for FNG’s- Contact Wojo for more information or to clown car coordinate.  Roughly 8.5 miles with pain stations in between. GSO will provide assistance.

04/16 April Spring Bash with Food Trucks-(My kind of Party)  Hushpuppy says there will be inflatables there too (not those kind)..for the 2.0’s.  Contact Hushpuppy to beg for an invite.

This Saturday: Butt Fumble has the Q

03/19 Fleet Feet Shoe Drop:  Drop your seasoned running shoes at Fleet Feet and tell them F3 sent you.  Or, take them to your Q at your AO or bring them to me before then.

COT: On one knee and humbled, united.


Always an honor,


PAX: Stinky Cheese with Hushpuppy as the Special Guest

QIC: 03/09/16