8 PAX gathered in the temperate Gloom in Oak Ridge to test their mettle and get in a Tuesday morning workout.


Sidestraddle hops IC x20

Quixote IC x15

Sun Gods sobriety style IC x10

Reverse Sun Gods sobriety style IC x10

Mosey around the field to the playground

The Thang:

-Lunge walk a short or long distance (up to each man which direction)

-8 Burpees

-Mosey back to playground

-8 pullups

Rinse and repeat until time


LBC IC x30

Cindy Crawford IC x15 each side

Freddie Mercury IC x20

American Hammer x15 IC

Very little mumblechatter this morning, probably because everyone was working so hard this morning. Nice show by the PAX this morning. As always, it was my honor to Q.

COT: YHC took us out.


The Mega in Winson-Salem this Saturday is coming!

Polo thanks everyone for remembering him while he travelled to/from San Salvador last week. Welcome back Spurrier to the Cadet Lab gloom.


PAX: 376

QIC: Botox, Spurrier, Schnitzel, Heisenberg, Cube, Polo, Special Ed, Toto (Q)