On the last Monday of Eastern Standard time this March, 17 pax gathered for a birthday beatdown. Lots of HBs were tossed about and some did not know which birthday it was, but they quickly learned. YHC announced that he had rotated the sun some 40 times on this #bigball since being born at Presbyterian Hospital (#trueHospitalname) in the F3 Mother City.  Some Pax were on #nancytime and coming in hot/late. So we modified the plan and started the warm-o-rama pre mosey. It went like this:


SSH x 40 IC

Mosey around to softer & well lit grassy patch on side of school for remainder of warm-up.

Imperial Walkers x 40 IC (pax quickly saw the pattern)

String Rippers x 40 IC (#mumblechatter indicated that everyone was warm at this point, but we still had to hit the arms a bit so that we did not shock them in a few minutes)

Plank Jacks x 40 IC

Mosey to lax fields for the


Line up on end line, sprint to lighted lax goals. It was a 40 yard distance. Sprint back to line. Pax were then told we would be doing a Modified Lindsay. Instead of starting with 30-10, we started with 40-0 and increased by 5 each time. 180 total reps of each.

Merkins            WOJO Squats

40                      0

35                      5

30                      10

25                      15

20                      20

15                      25

10                      30

5                        35

0                        40

Upon completion of their Lindsay, pax gathered for some Ab exercises. After  1 or 2 rounds, #omaha was called on abs so that Pax could run and finish out the Lindsay with the 6.

After a short mosey to the picnic tables where the mumblechatter indicated the Pax were hungry for some dips and derkins. So, dips and derkins it was! 40 of each with 40 step-ups thrown in for good measure. Upon completion we gathered on the wall for peoples chair. Wicked seemed to have a good idea for 40 seconds of BTTW.  As usual he was ahead of YHC. We would get there , but first we completed 4 10-counts of peoples chair. We then moseyed back to the front of the school were Pax choose concrete or grass. BTTW it was moving hands closer to the wall after each 10-count (40 count total; as if it needed to be said). Someone said that 8 minutes to go was too soon for mary, but they seemed to forget we were doing 40s. #Jailbreak to the flag for Mary.


LBC x 20 IC (fooled the pax on that count)

Freddie Mercuries x 40 IC

LBC x 20 IC -did not want to disappoint those wanting 40 crunches

American Hammer x 40 IC  by Matlock-thanks for the count brother, there is a reason we don’t go to 40 IC on a regular basis. #wears_out_the_Q



  • Circle Time has a tradition of doing SSH in cadence to the year of any birthday. Great to continue that. Not looking forward to Snooki or Everest’s birthdays!
  • Great to see some fresh faces at CT. Hope you come back, it is a great AO and the fields will be nice in the summer light.
  • Many thanks to the Pax that showed and those that have helped me grow on this F3 journey. I am in the best shape of my post-high school life because of you guys. It is an honor that you let me lead and encourage each other to get better. #ISI
  • Stage Fright took us out in BOM. It is about time we didn’t have to kneel! WoJo has been trying for weeks to keep us upright.
  • YHC was disappointed that no FNGs showed this week. Therefore the nicknames: Candles, Ice Cream, and Cake are still available to a future FNG on someones birthday.
  • Matlock brought Cupcakes with a nice NC STATE block S. Appreciate the thought & actions. #breakfastwastakencareof You guys are great! Unlike Wilson’s promise of doughnuts on Saturday, Matlock delivered!  Today is also the birthday of the great North Carolina State University. #GOPACK   #meant_to_be   #mybloodrunsRED       *Pax are probably glad I did not work this into the workout. 126 of an exercise in cadence would be brutal to call.


The MEGA in Winston. CSAUP- 8 mile run with pain stations, go participate, or help Wojo and Daphne lead the last pain station. http://f3nation.com/2016/01/02/the-megalodon-aka-themega/

Help at Shelly’s (teacher who needs some labor help) house next Saturday https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/5080d49a8ab229-shelleys

Guilford County Schools Male summit- something for all Males. http://www.gcsnc.com/pages/gcsnc/Calendar/GCS_Male_Summit

Continue to bring old sneakers for donation to any AO.

PAX: Bodett

QIC: 03/07/16